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Damar Hamlin Collapses On Field, NFL Game Suspended


American football player Damar Hamlin is currently in critical condition after collapsing in the primetime US National Football League game.

Damar Hamlin: NFL game suspended after player collapses on field

A Buffalo Bills player, 24 was thrown on the floor after hitting an opponent in the initial quarter-finals of a game with The Cincinnati Bengals.

He received medical assistance on the field for more than 30 minutes prior to being transported to a nearby hospitalfor treatment, AFP reported.

The NFL stopped the game within an hour of the incident.

Jordon Rooney, the Hamlin’s rep posted on Twitter: “His vitals are back to normal, and they’ve placed him in a bed to insert a breathing tube in his throat. They are currently conducting tests. We will update when we receive them.”

Hamlin who is as a safety, was wrestling Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins as Higgins helmet was spotted hitting Hamlin with his chest. After getting up Hamlin fell to his back.

Medical personnel provided CPR to Hamlin in the field for longer than 10 minutes, and gave him oxygen before the stretcher was removed, ESPN said.

The newspaper also stated that members of Hamlin’s family who were at the game, were accompanied by Hamlin on the ambulance ride to the hospital nearby.

Teams of players were gathered around Hamlin throughout the treatment. Many were clearly distressed as they sat down to pray, and others crying.

Television coverage often diverged from the the field. The crowd in Cincinnati was silent throughout the incident.

The organisers made the decision to stop the game approximately an hour after the incident. NFL games are not often stopped due to injuries.

Joe Danneman, a local sports reporter, claimed an insider had informed him that the Bills would return their home in New York rather than stay in Cincinnati. This could mean the game will not return anytime soon.

These two sides are one of the best Super Bowl contenders this year due to their meeting in the primetime Monday-night slot during the final week of the NFL’s regular season.

The association of players for the league said in the form of a statement: “We have been in contact to Bills as well as Bengals players as well as the NFL. All that is important in the present is Damar’s health, well-being and health.”

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