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Create An Online Store For Free On Mozello Or Opt For Shopify – Which Is Better For You?


Create An Online Store For Free On Mozello Or Opt For Shopify – Which Is Better For You?: Mozello, a relatively new eCommerce platform, offers affordable plans for small businesses who want to set up an online store. Shopify is a well-established platform that offers varied plans to suit different requirements. Which is the best for you?..Read more to find out.

Create An Online Store For Free On Mozello Or Opt For Shopify – Which Is Better For You?

Shopify and Mozello – Two Good Shopping Cart Solutions

Your eCommerce website helps you sell online. You need to consider the various facets of the software you choose to build your store on. There has to be good security, a large set of built-in eCommerce features in the software itself, and a good app marketplace to extend functionality as needed. Every retailer would like a good solution that lets them create online store free or nearly free.

Is Mozello A Good Fit For You?

Mozello is a solution that has positioned itself as a basic, bare-bones platform that lets you put up any sort of small website quickly. They also provide eCommerce support, so you can sell products on a site you build using Mozello. Their plans are priced low, even their premium plans aren’t expensive. You can even create an online store free.

Low Cost, Fast and Simple

So, how good is it?

  • Is The Platform Fast And Reliable?

Fast page loads are critical in eCommerce. Mozello excels with site load speeds of under two to three seconds. As for site performance, Mozello doesn’t provide performance data,  uptime guarantee, or data on recent issues. All these make it hard to assess how reliable they are as an eCommerce platform, as online stores cannot afford frequent crashes, downtimes, etc. 

  • The Built-in Functionalities And Features

In keeping with its user-friendly but plain-vanilla style, the platform is very easy to use with the fundamental features needed to quickly create a website that’s fast and functional. However, Mozello will not provide much flexibility in features and functions. 

  • How About Their Themes And Templates

Mozello provides you with tons of free templates to design your website. You don’t get slick, latest-tech templates. Still, it’s functional and helps you get your store up and running within a short time.

  • Platform Extensibility Options

Beyond the basic Google Maps, Disqus comments, YouTube, and a few others, Mozello doesn’t have many apps available to extend its functionality. You may have to consider migrating to a different platform when you want to scale.  

  • Mozello Plans And Pricing

Mozello provides its platform at affordable prices. They start with a free plan with unlimited bandwidth to let you create an online store free. You can sell 10 products, process an unlimited number of orders, and get 0.5 GB of storage space. Premium Plan will cost you $6/month, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited orders, 50 GB storage, and you can sell 30 products. 

The highest-priced plan, Premium Plus, is still very cheap ($12/month) You get unlimited storage, bandwidth, order processing, and you can sell an unlimited number of products. 

Should You Choose Shopify?

Shopify is well-established, with a great reputation as an eCommerce platform, ideal for retailers of any size, from small boutiques to large chain stores. They host millions of online stores worldwide. So, should you choose Shopify?

  • Is The Platform Fast And Reliable?

Shopify is a stable platform, with 99.98% uptime, which means a downtime of about 8 minutes 45 seconds in a month. Pretty much the ideal level of performance with minimum crashes or downtime, crucial for eCommerce. Sites are optimized for fast loading (two to three seconds), with compression of all resources and minimized redirects.

  • The Built-in Functionalities And Features

Shopify is extremely user-friendly. With professional, fast-loading templates that also let you modify the HTML and CSS, you can create great sites with Shopify. You can add unlimited products, provide discount codes, connect with your choice of payment gateway, and do pretty much everything needed to run a top-notch eCommerce setup using just the inbuilt features. 

  • How About Their Themes And Templates

Shopify provides a fine selection of themes in its theme store, and both the free and paid templates are professionally designed. They render well on all devices including smartphones and tablets. 

  • Platform Extensibility Options

Shopify’s inbuilt features are enough to create and run a professional eCommerce business. You can even access the Shopify app store for all tested and approved apps and add-ons by Shopify. It includes both free and paid apps.

  • Shopify Plans And PricingShopify Plans And Pricing

Shopify isn’t cheap, but it has a reasonable pricing plan, about the standard for the top shopping cart solutions. This eCCommercemerce platform has transparent pricing, with plans and prices listed, and the transaction fees also specified for each plan. Basic Shopify costs $29/month, with a 2% transaction fee, Shopify Plan costs $79/month and 1% transaction fee, while Advanced Shopify costs $299/month and 0.5% transaction fees. You get excellent support through phone, live chat, email, etc. You get a full professional eCommerce solution with all plans, a POS package, the ability to sell on marketplaces like Amazon, on social media, and integrate all these operations for easy management.

To Sum Up

Mozello is a basic, affordable eCommerce platform with just the minimum set of features required to establish an online store. With Mozello, you can even create an online store free. You may find it hard to extend and scale as you grow, but they’re ideal for small online stores.

Shopify was started with the aim of helping retailers create, run, and manage their online stores with ease. It has been doing that for more than a decade now. You cannot create an online store free with Shopify. But you can quickly set up a simple shop or a complex eCommerce business within a day. It facilitates cross-channel management and integration, provides inbuilt security features, PCI compliance, and other elements needed for a professional, reliable, extendable, scalable setup.

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