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Guide to HVAC Services in Medford Oregon


Guide to HVAC Services in Medford Oregon: If you’re from Medford Oregon, whether you rent or own your own commercial or residential home, you’ll probably enjoy the fact that it doesn’t get too hot, but at the same time it doesn’t get too cold during most of the year. However, it can still get to dangerous temperatures in the summer and even cold enough in the winter that it can cause you and your home some problems. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have quality services that allow you to heat and cool your house. In this guide to HVAC services in the Medford, OR area, we’ll tell  you about some of the options you have available to you and we even found a reputable service (if you wish to use them of course) that can offer these types of heating and cooling.

Guide to HVAC Services in Medford Oregon

What Types of Heating and Cooling Are Available in my Area?

Depending on your type of homer, you have numerous solutions that can actually deliver heating and cooling solutions. Here are a few available in Medford:

Ductless HVAC

This is a duct-free heating and cooling solution, as they don’t require an actual duct inside the house. There’s a line connecting the outside and the interior wall, and then many times there are small vents that you can place throughout your home (usually on the walls) to allow transference of the heated or cooled air. This is a very low-cost solution, but works wonders.

Central Air Conditioning Unit

Just about everyone has central air conditioning with ducts under your house or even through your attic. This allows the outdoor unit to push cool air through the ducts and out to each vent. This is yet another very energy efficient solution and you can get quality thermostats that allow you to program them to your desired level.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

With Geothermal heating and cooling, you actually get your air heated and cooled straight from one of nature’s resources – the earth’s crust. This system allows you to heat and cool. While it’s expensive to actually purchase this method and get the initial installation, it’s the most energy efficient, as you can save anywhere from 30-70 percent on heating and up to 50 percent on cooling costs. It can reduce your utility bills by up to about 60 percent.

Things to Know about Your HVAC Solution Installer

Make sure that they’re certified and insured. A good contractor won’t have any problem showing you proof of these. Not only that, you want to make sure they have smart solutions that can help you save money on your utility costs, and only use energy efficient methods and products.


As we mentioned above, there’s a fully licensed and insured solution right here in Medford that’s been serving the area for years, as well as providing installation and maintenance solutions for all of your HVAC needs. They make sure that every tech is certified and insured through N.A.T.E. (North American Technician Excellence), which is in coalition with the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and AC Engineers. Be sure to give them a call and check out their website for more information on how to get quality HVAC services if you live in the Medford area or planning on moving there.

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