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CIF Number in State Bank Of India


CIF Number in State Bank Of India: When you expand the term CIF, it means, Customer Information File. It is an essential file that stores every valuable information about the account holder in a digital format. Each and every customer of the bank pertains with a unique number that has been assigned to them uniquely.

CIF Number in State Bank Of India

CIF Number in State Bank Of India

The State Bank of India issues you an 11-digit number that gives the bank every required detail about the customer. The bank uses the same ID to retrieve the required information of its customers like the details, account types, balance, transactions, and loan cif number means

Your CIF also determines different products and services that the bank may provide to you as its customers.

You may find your CIF number in SBI, in many different ways, including both online and offline.

We are listing down the methods below, using which you can easily find your CFI number in SBI.

Offline Methods that you can use:

  • You should first check the first page of your checkbook. It most probably will contain your CIF number.
  • In case of non-availability, you can visit the branch of your bank and ask them for your CFI number personally. They are always ready to help.
  • If you are an account holder in the State Bank of India, the passbook of your bank is most likely to contain your CFI number.
  • You can anytime call for queries on the toll -free numbers that are provided by the State Bank Of India. I am going to list you the same:1800112211, 18004253800 or 080-26599990.

You will be required to verify your identity by providing some basic details like your account number. 

Thereafter, you will be connected to a bank’s executive who would be happy to help. Ask the executive, and he will provide you with your CIF number.

Online Methods:

1.Your account number can be traced using net banking


  • Logging into the website of SBI would be the first step. Log in to online SBI.
  • Fill in the two dates in the account statement option box, provided on the website.
  • Select the option of “view” and then proceed to “Go”.

On the website, a page with the summary of your account will appear with your details, including your CIF number, IFSC code, MICR code, and other relevant information.

2. Using SBI Net Banking


  • You are required to log into your SBI  online banking account and click on the option of “ Account summary”.
  • You are required to click on the option of “view nomination and PAN details”. Your CIF number, along with the PAN details, will be displayed on the next page.

3. Using SBI Anywhere App


  • Login into the app.
  • Choose the “services” option on the homepage.
  • Click on “online Nomination”.
  • A page will be opened, under the same, select the type of account as ” Transaction accounts.” 
  • Choose the option of saving the account number.
  • Your CIF number will be displayed next to your account number.

I hope the article helps!

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