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What is Inflation and its type?


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What is Inflation and its type??: Inflation is the process of the consistent rise in the general price level in the country. It symbolizes a fall in the purchasing power of any individual. The other words, whenever the money supply of any economy exceeds the available goods and services, it is said to exist in that condition. Inflation of any country is attributed to budget deficit financing. 

Types Of Inflation and Meaning of Inflation

What is Inflation
What is Inflation

Now, what is the budgetary deficit? A budgetary deficit is a situation when expenditures exceed over income. But it is important to notice that inflation is the consistent rise in the price of goods and services but not the high prices. Whenever measuring inflation, it is considered to take account of a large number of goods and services consumed by the people of a country and then average rise in the prices of goods and services over the period of time. A basic rise in any goods and services doesn’t constitute inflation it may be just a minor revert action of any market. 

Economically, It is that position of any market where demand and supply are not equal, and hence, disequilibrium takes its entire place. 

Types of Inflation

Yes! Inflation is of many kinds, they’re not uniform in an economy, and hence, different names are allocated for different types of inflation to conclude a proper distinction between them. Such research proves to be beneficial in studying distributional and anti-inflationary policies. Its pace and intensity can be different at various times. 

1. Creeping inflation 

the situation when the price level rises 3% extra in a year or less is said to creeping or mild inflation. Also, one must know that increment of 2% in price level is beneficial for any economic growth in the country. With the ongoing process of this mild inflation, demand boosts suddenly, and consumer tends to buy more to avoid the future higher price of the goods or services. Ultimately, this is how creepy inflation drives economic expansion in the country. 

2. Walking inflation

Walking inflation happens when there is a rise in the price level between 3% to 10% in a year. It is said to be very destructive and harmful to any economy as it directly ignites-up economic growth rapidly. People start buying plenty of goods at current prices in order to avoid future higher prices. This increased buying process drives an extreme level of demand even further. Ultimately shortage is seen in these conditions and consequently 

3. Galloping Inflation

A condition when It rises to more than 10% is when galloping inflation born. It is most wreak and havoc, creating a situation for any economy. As a result, there is the continuous devaluation of money, which leads to the downfall of foreign investments in our country.  

4. Hyperinflation

When the price of goods and services just skyrockets by more than 50% within a month, then hyperinflation comes into play. Generally, it’s infrequent to happen but very disparaging to manage and control. It’s the worst case that any country can face. Few countries like Germany in the 1920s, Zimbabwe in the 2000s, and Venezuela in the 2010s have faced such destruction or depression in the economy. 


It is like decaying in an economy. Hence, the government should maintain a proper balance in the pricing system of goods and services. They must always monitor significant regulations and measurements regarding money control in the market. The economy becomes unstable due to inflation, and its consistency can lose the government’s credibility in managing. Therefore, inflation must be controlled at all costs. 

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