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Checkingson Sinclair – Who Murdered His Pregnant Wife


Checkingson Sinclair : Hi, Dear All Today I am sharing more exciting information on the topic of Checkingson Sinclair “a murderer”. Please move on to the article, and I enjoyed reading it.

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Who is Checkingson Sinclair?

Checkingson Sinclair is an American man. He is known to have murdered his seven-month-pregnant wife, Latwassa Argrett. With a shot in the head at their home in Port St. Lucia, Florida, on October 26, 2014. The call between him and the hospital ward after his murder. They significantly contribute to the enthusiasm for this story.

Injure of Latwassa Argrett

Checking on Sinclair and his wife Latwassa Argrett was a married couple waiting for a baby for seven months. On October 26, 2014, after one of their frequent arguments. Some things quickly turned to the tragedy at the couple’s home.

Checking on Sinclair discovers messages from a former Latwassa boyfriend on his home phone. Very annoyed, Chekingson decides to throw his wife’s phone down the toilet. In revenge, she got a knife and threatened him.

Then chased him throughout the house, after arriving in the bedroom and excellent the door. Sinclair got a Handgun. He and his wife exchanges a few words, then Sinclair fired the first shot.

He missed his target but fired again. Sinclair thought the bullet had to touch Argrett once again on the second shot. But he realized no, Chekingson Sinclair had just murdered his wife.

Checkingson called 911 and committed suicide

After the three hours murder, Checkingson Sinclair called 911 to say he had just committed a murder. The exchange was calm on both sides. The town Emergency Operator asks him why he did this.

To that, he replies, We were starting to argue, and she came with a knife. Then he added, I shot to defend myself.

Sinclair also said the couple used to fight a lot. Sinclair confessed to the emergency room Operator that Sinclair and his wife had been arguing since 6:30 am Sunday.

Consequences of his act

Checking on, Sinclair charges with first-degree murder. Murder of an unborn baby, and to cause with obvious evidence. Sinclair told the departmental policy that to defend himself. Sinclair had no choice but to shoot.

Later, he would confess to the departmental police in charge of the investigation. That was killing his wife was ultimately what he wants.

Police also add that experts said Sinclair’s wife hit in the back of the head, not the face. To be able to plead self-defense. Sinclair had also set a knife in the body of his wife.

So, it is essential information on the topic of Chekingson Sinclair.

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