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Amritpal Singh Arrested: Know About The Bhindranwale 2.0



Amritpal Singh Arrested: It might be a duck if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck. However, Amritpal Singh, the wanted Khalistani preacher who was apprehended in the Punjabi area of Moga this morning, has utterly failed the duck test.

amritpal singh

amritpal singh

From the moment he was chosen to command Waris Punjab De until his arrest today, he made an effort to emulate the terrorist leader Bhindranwale, who led an uprising with the assistance of Pakistan and was assassinated in Operation Bluestar in 1984.

He tried to dress like Bhindranwale, move like Bhindranwale, and speak like Bhindranwale, but in the end he came across as nothing more than a cheap counterfeit of the most famous Khalistani icon.

The significance of Amritpal’s detention

Amritpal was detained today in the Punjabi village of Rode, which has a significant place in the state’s history.

Jarnail Singh Brar, who became the head of a Sikh seminary called Damdami Taksal and became known as Sant Bhindranwale by his followers, was born and raised in the village of Rode.

Amritpal most likely made the decision to get arrested in Rode in an effort to carry the Bhindranwale symbolism through to the very finish. in Khalistani.

Beginning of Amritpal at Rode

Amritpal the Khalistani figurehead first appeared in the Rode village, where he was later apprehended, despite the fact that he had first entered the public conversation on social media long earlier.

Amritpal was chosen to lead Waris Punjab De, the Khalistani separatist group founded by Deep Sidhu who passed away in an accident, in September of last year.

The location was chosen with a lot of symbolic meaning. Amritpal became famous four decades later.

Amritpal as a revised Bhindranwale

Bhindranwale has endured in Punjab as a symbol of the Khalistani movement and a multipurpose figure that could be easily used to any protest movement, from the one against sacrilege in gurdwaras to the one against farm regulations.

Amritpal was correctly referred to as Bhindranwale 2.0 because of his brief but successful career, which was a well-planned attempt to recreate Bhindranwale. Amritpal receives a perfect score for showcasing the Bhindranwale symbology.

A tall Amritpal with a thick beard and flowing robe who was constantly flanked by armed men resembled Bhindranwale in every aspect.

According to media sources, Amritpal Singh traveled to Georgia to get a nose surgery performed in response to a Bhindranwale brand recall that could not be denied.

He occasionally posed with an arrow just like Bhindranwale to perfect his styling. However, Amritpal’s arrow was made of steel, while Bhindranwale’s was made of silver; as with any imitation, there was only a superficial likeness.