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Chato from Marca MP: A Rising Star of Regional Mexican Music

Abhishek Singh



Chato from Marca MP is a singer-songwriter and producer who has gained popularity for his regional Mexican music. He is the lead vocalist and composer of the band Marca MP, which is known for their hit single “El Güero”. In this article, we will explore his biography, career, and achievements.


Chato from Marca MP was born as Pedro Vargas on December 2, 2000, in California, United States. He is of Mexican descent and grew up listening to various genres of music, such as banda, mariachi, and ranchera. He has a sister named Marisol.

Chato developed a passion for music at a young age and started composing songs when he was 15 years old. He met his fellow band members Cristian Daniel, Jesus Tizoc, and Esteban Salcedo in high school and formed Marca MP in 2018. The band name stands for “Marca Mi Propio Estilo”, which means “Mark My Own Style” in Spanish.


Marca MP is a regional Mexican band that performs a fusion of banda, mariachi, and ranchera music. They are influenced by artists such as Vicente Fernandez, Ramon Ayala, and Los Tigres del Norte. They started performing at private parties, street events, and weddings in southern California and gained a local fan base.

Their breakthrough came in 2019 when they released their first EP En Vivo, which featured the song “El Güero”. The song was a collaboration with another popular band Grupo Firme, who helped them produce a video for it.

The video went viral on social media and became the most watched internet video in Mexico that year. The song also reached the top 10 on the Billboard Regional Mexican Songs chart and the top 20 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

Since then, Marca MP has released five digital-only live albums, the Flores EP, and the studio album No Me Quejo on their own label3. They have also collaborated with other artists such as Lenin Ramirez, Ulices Chaidez, and Los Dos Carnales.

They have performed at sold-out venues across the United States and Mexico and have received several nominations and awards for their music.


Some of the achievements of Chato from Marca MP and his band are:

  • They have over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.
  • They have won two Premios de la Radio awards for Best New Artist and Best Song by a New Artist in 2020.
  • They have been nominated for two Latin American Music Awards for Favorite Regional Mexican Artist and Favorite Regional Mexican Album in 2021.
  • They have been featured on various media outlets such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, People en Español, and Univision.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What is Chato’s real name?

A: Chato’s real name is Pedro Vargas.

Q: How old is Chato?

A: Chato is 22 years old as of 2022.

Q: Is Chato married or dating someone?

A: Chato has not revealed his relationship status publicly.

Q: What is Chato’s net worth?

A: Chato’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2022.

Q: What are some of Chato’s popular songs?

A: Some of Chato’s popular songs are “El Güero”, “La Trokita”, “No Me Quejo”, “Flores”, and “La Vida Es Una Copa”.

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