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Business and Dating: How To Cope With Tight Schedule


Business and Dating: How To Cope With Tight Schedule: Aligning your values to your work can be challenging. If you are a busy bee and constantly have deadlines burning and are involved in intricate financial schemes that you have to keep an eye on, there is probably not much time left for you to think about relationships.

Business and Dating: How To Cope With Tight Schedule

Business and Dating

Coming up with new business ideas, staying confident and believing in yourself can be so exhausting, and everything you would wish for after an arduous working day is a couple of hugs and jocund words whispered in your ear. Even big shots need to have a rest from daily grind from time to time. But not all men of importance have time to go on dates and venture their affairs in the name of love. Understandably, choosing a career over your personal life sometimes seems to be quite a liberating option. You automatically get rid of a whole lot of responsibilities. But what if you don’t want to give up neither your business nor successful family life?

Knowing your self-worth

Being successful can be dangerous. Money and power make people jealous, and quite often they would do anything to steal from you. If you don’t want to become a victim of a dating scam, remember to stay away from those who are only interested in taking advantage of your savings and connections. Being constantly on the alert can be tiring and sad, but that is how violent the modern world of gold diggers can get.

How can you limit yourself from unwanted avaricious acquaintanceships? Never show your high status or income straight away. Next time you will be itching to post photos from the tropic islands with a glass of tequila worth one or two average salaries on Instagram, remember they can be a tempting prize for shifty idlers thirsty for your money.

True love stands apart from money and avail. Don’t sell yourself as an expensive commodity on a vanity fair. Know your self-worth and possibilities; there is no point in wasting time on vain people because you are better, and you deserve better. So take your time, focus on the business, and everything will be as it should be; maybe someday you will be sitting in a cute café, sipping coffee, and that one person you have been waiting for, a person with an open heart and unspoiled intentions, will bump into you; you will raise your head to look into her or his eyes, and that will be the beginning of whole another story…

Planning a thought-out schedule

The thing is that combining work and dating plans can be a real challenge. But what comes to aid in this situation is planning. Buy yourself a compact planner or install an app that will help you organize your day. If you deal with business meetings and serious affairs, you are probably not the one to be explained what the term «time management» stands for. The hardest part of this would be setting a clear goal and thinking over ways of reaching it.

For instance, you work Monday to Friday and go to the gym 3 days per week. That means there is not much time left to organize your personal life, yet allow yourself to take some time off your busy schedule to go for a walk to your favorite park or visit a newly opened trendy bar. Chances are you can meet a person with similar tastes there, as you have set an area for actions based on your preferences. The next step is to go wind down and seek for anybody that you at least remotely sympathize.

Finally, John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.” So spontaneous events that knock you off the wagon of your perfect schedule may sometimes be the most successful ones.

Dating apps

One of the most convenient ways to get acquainted with new people today is through the Internet. Dating services are useful for many reasons; they save a hell lot of time which is highly important for busy people and allow you to empathize the specific information you want other people to know about you. As well as you can search people based on some characteristics you are interested in. You have full control over your profile information and can feel free to write anything in your bio that seems to be catchy to you. That, however, means that other people can gloss over their profile description on the same level. In real life, they may not turn out to be who they were trying to be online. So don’t forget about the advice from the first rubric. That is why some think that dating apps are more for casual hookups, and we shouldn’t take them seriously. Yet others believe that meeting your future fiancé is possible anywhere, so who knows…

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