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Bus Stop Locations Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 1, Season 11



Bus Stop Locations Fortnite: Well, Chapter 2, Season 1 / Season 11 of Fortnite is by far the longest ever, but Epic is at least introducing new challenges to keep things interesting.

The new Remedy vs Toxin Mission was released this morning, and it comes with a slew of new challenges that will earn you XP. You can also unlock a purple-themed third skin variant for Remedy.

Her back bling and pickaxe are also covered in them. Take a look

Bus Stop Locations Fortnite

So that’s a fantastic prize, and I expect more Battle Pass skins to get the same treatment in the coming weeks before Season 12, so at least a handful of them will have three skin styles instead of just two. It’s quite cool.

In any case, one of the objectives this week requires players to visit three bus stops in a single match. There are a lot of bus stations on the map, but the ones shown below are all near together and should be very easy to find, especially in Team Rumble.

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As you can see, they’re all clumped together quite closely. I provided four so that you have a variety of alternatives depending on where you want to begin. The following are the locations:

• To the northwest of Frenzy Farms, near the bridge

• At Pleasant Park’s southern entrance

• At the Salty Springs’ northern entrance

• At Sweaty Sands’ eastern entrance

There are others, however these are relatively close in proximity to one another. You must visit three of the four locations in a single match to fulfil the challenge.

Here’s where you can find three food trucks to visit for this week’s challenges

It’s nice to have some new problems to work on right now. With the exception of some VEX/XEV and overtime difficulties, I’ve completed the most of the remaining challenges from this season. I’ve completed all of the Alter Ego tasks and located each FORTNITE letter (if you’re still looking, here’s a cheat sheet).

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