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Dhakad Movie Cast Office Collection, Reviews, Story, Cast and Crew


Dhakad Movie Cast: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Dhakad Movie Box Office Collection, Reviews with its Story, Cast, and Crew.

Divya Dutta, Arjun Rampal, Mahakshay Chakraborty, and Kangana Ranaut are the main actors of the upcoming Dhakad movie.

The cast of the movie is ready to make the audience laugh and cry with the amazing dialogues and action.

The movie is based on the life of a man who gets married in order to save his family’s farm from being destroyed. This film is all about love and passion, and the cast has done a wonderful job

Dhakad Movie Cast: Kangana Ranaut

‘Dhaakad’ is an action-thriller film starring Kangana Ranaut and Arjun Rampal. It is directed by Razneesh Ghai. It also features Divya Dutta and Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

Dhaakad is an action-thriller movie about an undercover agent, Agent Agni (Kangana Ranaut). She is tasked with a crucial mission to eliminate an international human trafficker.

However, she comes up against an unexpected ambush that forces her to rethink her strategy.

Agni is a special agent with the International Task Force, an imaginary unit of the Indian government. She is tasked with eliminating a powerful international human trafficking ring.

During her mission, she unearths shocking details of her childhood. She finds a link to the ring’s mastermind, Rudraveer.

Kangana Ranaut plays a fearless field agent. She is assigned a mission to nab the mastermind of a global human trafficking ring.

Dhakad Movie Cast: Arjun Rampal

Known for his roles in Rock On and Nail Polish, Arjun Rampal is a versatile actor who has acted in a number of movies.

He has received the National Award for his performance in ‘Rock On’. Currently, he has several projects in the works.

He is set to be seen in Abbas Mastan’s ‘Penthouse’ and will also appear in a South movie.

In his latest film, Arjun plays a villain in ‘Dhaakad’. This action thriller stars Kangana Ranaut and Divya Dutta.

The film is produced by Sohail Maklai Productions and Asylum Films.

The film’s story revolves around a ruthless field agent, Agent Agni (Kangana Ranaut), who is assigned to capture a human trafficking ringleader. She reluctantly agrees to take the assignment in Bhopal.

Divya Dutta

Divya Dutta is a talented actress and has appeared in several Indian as well as foreign films. She has been awarded with multiple awards for her performance.

She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Dangerous Ishhq in 2012 and IIFA Best Supporting Actress for Heroine in 2013. She also got a nomination for Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Dhaakad movie was directed by Razneesh Ghai and produced by Sohel Maklai and Deepak Mukut.

It is a high-octane action film with a lot of stunts. The movie is scheduled to release on 27 May 2022.

Divya Dutta has been cast as Rohini, a ruthless character, in Dhaakad.

Her poster shows her in a bold avatar, with an alta on her hand. She has a wavy hairstyle and her eyes are dark.

The movie also introduces the character of Agni, a deadly field agent, played by Kangana Ranaut.

The story revolves around Agni’s mission to gather intelligence on Rudraveer, an international human trafficker.

Mahakshay Chakraborty

Having been in the biz for quite some time now, Mahakshay Chakraborty is known to have appeared in several films. However, this is his first film as a lead actor. He has also acted in Bengali and Hindi movies.

The movie is directed by Razneesh ‘Razy’ Ghai and produced by Sohail Maklai.

The film is also written by Chintan Gandhi. The movie also features an ensemble cast. The main storyline involves a strong international spy.

The film also features a young married couple who decide to move in with a landlord. This leads to a murder.

The landlord is curious about the couple’s lives. It’s an interesting story line. The movie is an action thriller.

The movie is apt for Kangana Ranaut. She will be seen in a different avatar in the movie. She will be seen in the role of a ruthless agent. She will also be seen in the movie in a few of the other avatars.

Tetsuo Nagata

‘Dhaakad’ is an action-packed thriller. It is a new Hindi film which is set to release on May 20th, 2022.

It is directed by Razneesh Ghai and it stars Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. The movie also features Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta and Saswata Chatterjee.

Tetsuo Nagata is the cinematographer of Dhaakad. He is an award-winning cinematographer from Japan.

He has worked on several Hollywood action flicks. His cinematography is stunning in action scenes.

The Dhaakad cast includes Divya Dutta as the baddie. She looks rustic in her outfit. She wears a green handloom saree with long tresses. She also has tattoos on her chest.

The Dhaakad trailer got positive responses. The action was impressive in the trailer. There were numerous disguises in the trailer. It also got good reviews for its production design.

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