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Brazilian “Mad Dog” Surfer Marcio Freire Dies


Surfer Marcio Freire, a legendary Brazilian surfer, has died. This shocking news is now coming to the forefront. When he died, he was surfing at Nazare, Portugal.

After the announcement, many tributes were posted for the surfer. People who admire him are taking to social media to express their deepest sympathies and respects.

Freire was one the three pioneering surfers from Brazil who were featured on the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs.

Brazilian Surfer Marcio Freire Dies

Brazilian Surfer Marcio Freire Dies

According to reports, the documentary was about surfers trying to conquer the massive wave “Jaws”, in Hawaii. Sources confirm that Marcio was murdered on Thursday, January 5, 2022. Marcio was surfing in Portugal’s famous Atlantic waves at the time of his death.

We can tell you that surfing the waves is a difficult sport. The National Maritime Authority released a statement saying that the Brazilian-born 47-year-old man died today. He failed to conquer the beautiful, but deadly waves.

What happened to Marcio Freire?

The rescuers discovered that the man was in cardiorespiratory arrest. It was impossible to reverse the situation he was in, despite all efforts.

Let’s not forget that Nazare Canyon is located just off the eastern Atlantic Coast.

It measures 170 km long and has a depth of just 5 Km. Freire was identified by the local maritime agency. He was a veteran surfer, who had lived in Hawaii for approximately 20 years.

It’s also the traditional home of the sport. Numerous surfers have paid tribute to him since his news was posted on social media.

Marcio was a passionate surfer and he expressed his sadness to Nic von Rupp, a fellow bog-wave surfer.

He had a big smile that reflected his love of surfing, and he always surfed with it.

Nic stated that he can picture Nic smiling big when he misses him. Other surfers came forward to mourn his passing.

Many have been saddened by the tragic death of this veteran surfer. There are many condolence messages and tributary posts flooding social media. Keep checking our website for the latest updates and news.

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