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Bigg Boss 16 6th December 2022 Written Episode


All entertainment lovers, we’re back with updates on the highly-anticipated TV reality series “Bigg Boss 16”. The Tuesday 6th December 2022 episode will bring high-voltage drama and some outrageous activities.

Finally, Ankit is now the house captain and he has chosen Priyanka to be his Rani. This makes them both feel comfortable and Archna isn’t letting the atmosphere cool down as she ignites the fire between them.

Archna incites Priyanka to attack Soundarya and Ankit by saying that Soundarya is the only person who is clever. She talks to Ankit privately so that she can profit from him.

She mentions that Ankit Soundarya is not present whenever Priyanka sits down with her, and she will need to deal with all of these.

These activities can impact her relationship with Ankit. Priyanka’s anger increases to the point that she knows where she is.

Bigg Boss 16 Written Episode

Priyanka calls Ankit and Sooundarya to discuss her anger. She asks them about their privacy and if Soundarya is uncomfortable if she sits down with him. Soundarya says she doesn’t mean to say this as everything is fine with her.

However, Priyanka rebukes Ankit by saying that if he has a problem she will break her friendship with him. Because he may not be happy with her because of the privacy method. Ankit tries to explain but she doesn’t hear and then breaks down in tears.

Bigg Boss later announced that contestants would have to choose a name for a person they wish to nominate during the week.

Shalin nominates Sumbul, mentioning that he considered Sumbul his friend since the day he met her. However, he was betrayed by her.

Sumbul says that he may not know about the sin circle so if he makes someone feel down, it will happen to him sooner or later. Watch the Colors TV show and follow us on chopnews for more information.

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