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Betty the Smart Plug Review: Remotely monitor


Betty the Smart Plug Review: I have been using this product for past few weeks and my experience is amazing. If you are planning to purchase Betty the Smart Plug for your home or office use then we must say you are on the right place. So here are things which we like, dislike and worth to mention about Betty the Smart Plug.Betty the Smart Plug Review: Remotely monitor

Betty the Smart Plug Review: Remotely monitor

This is really a cool product and it will help in reducing power load at home. I’ve connected it to both geysers at home and really effective in reducing power consumption. You can turn on/off your appliance from anywhere ensuring hot water availability all the time. This product is works like charm and made for smart people.Betty the Smart Plug

Build Quality and Design: Quality of the product is really premium and design looks totally impressive in office. extremely happy with the product. I use it for drip irrigation. I would recommend it to others.

Set Auto Scheduler: Betty lets you set schedulers so that your appliance turns ON/OFF automatically at a set time without you having to remember.Betty the Smart Plug

Turn appliance ON/OFF from anywhere: Using Betty you can remotely Switch on/off your home appliance from your Smartphone & receive acknowledgement notifications. Simply download be-connected mobile app from android or iOS store & get started.

Home Security: Get Theft/Intruder Alerts: Betty has a motion sensor that can be activated from the Mobile App. So in case you are not at home, simply turn ON this feature & relax as Betty will send an alarm on your phone as well as send SMS alerts to you & your emergency contact numbers in case it detects any movement/motion around it.

Betty works on GSM & does not require wifi or external internet connection. Enjoy free connectivity for first (01) year. Post free usage, nominal subscription charges of Rs 83/- per month (payable at 6 monthly basis) for connectivity will be applicable (reduced charges for multiple connections).Betty the Smart Plug

Device works on both android and ios devices. Connectivity to the Smartplug is subject to Airtel network availability. To know more visit www.beconnected.in.

Price: As per the price is concern Betty the Smart Plug comes with the price tag of Rs. 2,799 approximately in Indian market.


  • Premium Quality.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Works with Ac, Geyser and other heavy devices.


  • Expensive.

Final Words:

This is a brilliant product! Very useful product, very easy to install and use, appealing and user friendly Mobile App interface. Highly recommended for expensive machinery that can burn. If you really planning to purchase it then don’t this simply go for it.


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