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Premium Private Servers in Fallout 76 are not private, and the Scrap Box is deleting scrap

Fallout 76 private server : The gaming industry is still trying to wrap its heads around Bethesda’s outrageous pricing of Fallout 1st, a premium Fallout 76 membership service, at $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Fallout 76 was a notoriously buggy game when it first came out, but it gradually improved and added content until it developed a wonderful small niche community.

Bethesda would like to make more money from this small specialised community.

I figured that at least a tiny portion of the populace would join up for Fallout 1st, because while some people are passionately into 76 right now, many of them are already regretting it.

There have been some…problems with the promised exclusive stuff in this premium subscription, such as the introduction of private servers and an endless scrap box to house all your junk. This is an ever-growing list.

Servers that are privately owned

There are a few issues here that need to be addressed. Players in Fallout 1 are discovering that the “newly built” environment they’re about to enter isn’t really new at all.

When players arrive, they report dead NPCs and looted places, hinting that these aren’t new instances at all, but rather re-used old instances masquerading as brand new private worlds.

The concept of “privacy” is also up for dispute. Others with large buddy lists, such as merchants in the game who sell things to players, are discovering that they can’t keep people from entering their private servers, where they just want to relax and play with a few buddies.

Other players can notice your instance and join it if you don’t use some type of “invisible” option.


You don’t want to use the new Scrap Box perk of Fallout 1st just yet if you were looking forward to having unlimited scrap storage in Fallout 76.

Several players have reported depositing hundreds of units of scrap in these new boxes only to discover that the box had consumed it.

The scrap vanishes from the instance and cannot be recovered through re-logging or any other means

. It’s just vanished. The fact that players have now paid for the privilege of losing all of their materials is not amusing, and there appears to be no way to recover any of it so far.

So, until there’s a clear cure for this, don’t utilise these boxes. Not that more than two of you reading this will subscribe to Fallout 1st, but it’s still a possibility.

Given that this is a Bethesda and Fallout 76 game, it’s not surprising that things aren’t working properly.

However, if you’re launching a ridiculously expensive premium service, you’d best make sure it works as intended and doesn’t actively harm the gamers you managed to persuade to buy it. What’s next, Lord?

I’ve reached out to Bethesda for comment on these reports, and I’ll keep you updated if I get a response.

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