Best Types of Bow Targets for Practice Reviewed: If you are a bowhunter, then, there is a likelihood that you have dealt with confusing situations because of having to make a choice of a bow target.  The fact that making a choice of the right bow target is not the easiest thing on earth might sound strange to people that are not bowhunters. Nonetheless, due to the various styles of bow targets, there will be some form of confusion in selecting a bow target.

Best Types of Bow Targets for Practice Reviewed

If you must choose the best bow target for your activity, you should know the available types of bow targets.

Basically, there are three major types of bow targets. Let’s find out what they are.

Foam Layer Block Targets

Foam layer block targets are loved by lots of bowhunters. They are portable and also lightweight. Furthermore, when you make use of light arrows in practicing with foam layer block targets, you will not need to struggle to get them out.

At this point, you might be interested in knowing how foam layer block targets function.

Foam layer block targets simply fiction by stopping the movement of arrows with momentum. They are suitable for both field heads and broadheads. However, if you want them to last you a long time, you will need to make use of just field heads in practice. 

Foam layer bock targets are great. They, however, have a downside. This downside is the process of removing arrows stuck in them is not exactly easy. This is due to the fact that arrows find their way deep into this type of bow targets before being brought to a stop by friction. Furthermore, to get the best out of this bow target, you will need to always shoot at the right angle. To ensure that you always get the angle right when making use of this bow target, arrange the layers of the block vertically as opposed to keeping them in a horizontal form.

While foam layer block targets can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are best used outdoors. This way, you can set them up very rapidly.

Bag Targets

If you have ever taken part in archery, there is a likelihood that you have made use of bag targets. This is because they are unarguably the most primary style of an archery target. Due to how common they are, they have been used by virtually every bowhunter at some point in time.

When you train with bag targets, you do not need to struggle to take out your arrow. This is because they are filled with a synthetic fiber which keeps your arrow in place and makes it easy for you to retrieve your arrows. Due to this, you can make use of them for intense practice. 

In the past, bag targets could be destroyed by rain. However, in recent times, even when they get exposed to the elements, bag targets can still last long. This because the most recently produced bag targets are resistant to the weather.

To get the best out of the use of bag targets, it is advisable that you make use of them in indoor ranges. When made use of in indoor ranges, they can be hung at a spot and will not need to be moved around. The implication of this is when it is time for you to practice, all you really need to do is get into position and start shooting.

That’s not all. When practicing with bag targets, you should make use of just field points. If you make use of broadheads, you will struggle to get them out as they are usually stuck to the target. When you finally get them out, you might end up destroying the covering which keeps the content of the bag in place.

3D Practice Targets

Are you looking to get ready for real hunting situations? If yes, you will need to pay a lot of attention o 3D practice targets. This type of bow target is not just in 3D, it is a lot of fun to practice with as it can be gotten in various animal species. This way, when practicing with it, you know just the right point to hit.

In addition to making it possible to hit vital parts of the animals you are targeting, this bow target also shows point values. This way, you can tell what point you will derive from hitting a particular spot and, therefore, works towards hitting such spot when training.

Just like the other bow targets contained in this article, you will do better when you make use of field points in rehearsing with this bow target. This is due to the likelihood of a broadhead being stuck when used.