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Top 5 Extreme Sports in the World


Top 5 Extreme Sports in the World: Hey guys welcome to my interesting article. We all love sports right? But some of the sports are dangerous and may cost you your life. But at the same time, these are the most adventurous sports. For adventure lovers, they are like having your favorite food on a bad day. So in the following article, I will be discussing Top 5 extreme sports in the world.


Top 5 Extreme Sports in the World

1. Creeking

Creeking regarded as one of the most extreme and dangerous sports in the world. Also, it is known as creek boating and also it is a branch of canoeing and kayaking.

In Creeking the creek has to descend in canoes and kayaks steep and low volume white water. The canoes and kayaks give the person good performance and it can withstand the white water.

Creeking is an extreme sport because one can get hurt because of the rocks that come in between and around the white water. So take care while you go on a Creeking adventure.

2. Free Soloing

Free Soloing also is known as free solo climbing. In this dangerous sport, the climber has to climb up without any use of protective gear, harness, ropes.

The sport will be successful or complete based on the ability and tactics of the climber.

Free Soloing is in the loss of extreme sports because the climber is climbing up without any protection and if he falls it may result in severe injuries or even death.

3. Base Jumping

Base jumping is in the list of extreme sports because of its life-threatening results. The full form of Base here is Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth.

A Base Jumper jumps from the manmade structures rather than jumping from mountains, peaks, and other natural structures. The Base Jumper jumps from a building and has to open his parachute within seconds to land safely.

Base jumping is an extreme sport because if due to any reason the Jumper is not able to open his parachute then this may cost his life.

4. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a sport where the climber has to climb up the ice. The ice can be climbed in two forms of alpha ice and water ice. The equipment is choosing according to the form of ice.

There are single, double or twin ropes used on ice climbing. Ice climbing is an extreme sport because the climber has to climb ice formed from frozen waterfalls, rock, or cliffs that are covered by refrozen ice.

If the ice gets lossen or the technique goes wrong of the climber then it will result in severe harm to the person.

5. Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit Flying

I’m this sport the person wears a wingsuit for flying from a high altitude. This sport is mainly made for adventure lovers. At the start, the person has to gain enough altitude and jump and then spread his arms and then fly in the air.

To end the flight the person has to open the parachute and then land down. This is done because only the wingsuit cannot give a safe landing motorized kayak – Globo Surf.

After reading the article I think some of you are excited to try these sports while some of you must be thinking that this is not your job. Never mind everyone has their own choice. But I must tell you some of these sports have led to many deaths. If you still want to try these sports then use proper tactics and safety measures.  I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you for reading and keep visiting.

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