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The Best Discount Real Estate Brokers to Work With!


It is difficult for a layman to understand the complexities of the real estate market and its processes. But real estate brokers make our work easier. They perform their job brilliantly and focus on keeping the process transparent for the clients. Today in this article I will tell you about best discount real estate brokers, you should work with them.

One of the major tasks for the home sellers is to pay hefty realtor commission fees. It may cost them more than 6% of the sale price. Since this is a substantial percentage, many home sellers look for other options to save money and increase their profit margin on the home sale. Discount real estate broker companies are one of the best ways to skip the high commission. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality and range of the services provided.

A discount real estate broker offers to work on a built-in commission model. It allows considerable savings for home sellers. So, rather than paying a 3% listing fee in the case of traditional realtors, some discount real estate firms charge only 1%.

Types of Discount Brokers for Home Sellers

These are the major categories of a discount broker:

Low Commission Brokers: These brokers usually charge a commission of 1% or 2% to list and sell your home.

Flat Fee Discount Brokers: They operate as per the low flat fee model.

Sell & Buy Combo: These types of brokers help you sell the home for free and then help you buy the next home. They earn their commission from the home you buy.

Flat Fee MLS Brokers: lastly, these are the brokers who do not provide full service but just help you to create a listing on MLS, unlike Flat Fee discount brokers.

Top discount real estate brokers in 2022

Several best-in-class discount real estate brokers can help with a real estate deal. Here, in this guide, we will focus on some of the U.S. best discount real estate broker companies and evaluate the best in them.

1. Houzeo.com

Houzeo is a perfect combination of getting maximum savings and supreme customer support with a low listing fee and a high rating. The company uses high-tech processes to ensure smooth working and consumer-friendly services. Houzeo is a tech platform where home sellers can list their properties on the MLS by paying just a small flat fee. They get to work with a listing agent who does not demand a commission. Due to this, the home seller is able to generate savings of more than 50% on the agent commissions.

The best features include:

  • You can create custom packages as per your needs.
  • You can avail interesting services, such as reviews, pricing assistance, professional images, etc.
  • The home sellers also get access to an exclusive dashboard where they can view exciting offers and compare them.
  • The features, such as contract updates, counteroffer, lockbox, etc., make this platform even more desirable.
  • Houzeo reviews are the most advanced FSBO platform in the U.S. They ensure no hidden fees and maximum MLS exposure.

2. Redfin

With a listing fee of a meager amount of around 1.5%, Redfin offers huge savings. Redfin is a popular tool for looking for a discount real estate brokerage. It has licensed real estate agents who can help you with real estate transactions. Redfin provides discounted services to the home sellers where you pay almost half of the listing fee as the traditional realtors.

Depending on your selling price and the condition of the property, you can aim for better service or lower rates in the discount brokerage. You can also compare agents and find the best match for yourself. It is a reputed brand that houses experienced real estate agents. You can also sell your house directly for cash using its iBuying service called RedfinNow.

3. Homelight

HomeLight has been working for years with thousands of sellers. They have the best real estate brokers and agents listed with them. They also create customized guides for selling a house under different circumstances. The home sellers can list your home and get offers for free instead of going through a traditional way by paying a 5 to 6% commission.

HomeLight also offers details of the best real estate agents as per the vicinity of the property owner. You can take either a full or limited service plan. They ensure to answer all your queries about the home and timeline. The agents send the offers instantly. The benefits of Homelight listing are that they use cutting-edge technology and offer good agent coverage too.

4. Simpleshowing

SimpleShowing is yet another discount real estate broker that ensures to provides an agent that matches your required service. With just a 1% listing fee, you can make huge savings and receive uninterrupted services. With SimpleShowing, you can be assured that you will get the desired quality as a team of experienced agents.

The benefits of choosing this firm include:

  • SimpleShowing also provides add-on services, such as listing on MLS, professional photographers, home inspection and analysis, etc.
  • Their listing fees remain low, which is only 1% of the sale price.
  • The company believes in having minimum listing agents. But as per the consumer reviews, they have been able to close deals successfully, and sellers seem to have no complaints against them. Their agents are qualified and support their clients fully.

5. Prevu

Prevu discount realtor broker also deserves to be part of the list. They offer the home sellers to list their property at a price of around 1.5% of the sale price, compared to the 3% traditional realtor commission. The buyers also get a good rebate when they buy through Prevu.

This 1.5% listing fee is variable and may vary with the state. Prevu does provide services like home showings, open houses, listing on MLS, etc. Most of the documents used in the selling process are digital.

Before picking a discount real estate broker, find one that allows you to save the most. Prepare a list, invest time in gathering Houzeo reviews, and make the best choice!