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The Sopranos House is up for sale

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Sopranos House is up for sale: A real house from The Sopranos is up for sale if you are a fan. house for sale This house, used throughout the series, is located in North Caldwell, NJ.

Victor and Patti Recchia, the house owners, have lived there for 32 years. Now that their son is out, they are ready to sell. It is now up for sale at $3.4 million.

Sopranos House is up for sale: The Living Room

This is Tony Soprano’s main living space. This ample space has three french doors leading to the backyard and a fireplace.

Tony can enjoy old films and war documentaries from this space.

The house is located near North Caldwell in New Jersey. It has four bedrooms, four baths, and two 2-car garages. A detached guesthouse is also available on the 1.5-acre property.

It was used 30-50 times throughout six seasons. According to the New York Times, Victor and Patti Recchia shared many memorable moments with the cast.

One featured a bear named Bonkers. Gandolfini’s fam swim with ducks was just one of the other notable scenes filme on the property.

In their living room, the Recchias had a promotional poster signed by the cast and crew for the show.

The Dining Room

Tony Soprano regards the dining room at the Sopranos’ home as one of their most important. It is where they celebrate holidays, have Sunday dinners and fight over who’s boss at home.

It was also a haven for the DiMeo crime families. He saved his life by attempting suicide.

The Kitchen

Perhaps you remember Tony Soprano living with Meadow (Carmela Edie Falco), Meadow and A.J. In “The Soprano House”, North Caldwell. This is where Tony Soprano, Carmela Falco (Edie Falco), Meadow Falco, and A.J. lived.

Tony and his duck family wandered into the backyard, where they suffered panic attacks. This was a fun scene to film and a favourite among fans.

 Fans left flowers and candles on this house’s front porch when James Gandolfini died in 2013.

Basement/Laundry Room

Considering the size of the Sopranos’ house, it’s not surprising that they still need to finish their basement.


Basement laundry rooms are exceptionally safe as they protect you from potential flooding in the upstairs areas.

Concrete floors in basements provide a durable, stable surface that can withstand heavy machinery.

A bathroom door could be a good idea if you plan to install a hot tub in your basement. Guests will easily access the pool area from their basement because they won’t have to navigate any wet hallways.

As you do so, make your basement your home base for all family gatherings. Add sturdy, easily portable furniture to make your basement feel more comfortable. To add some colour, invest in fairy lights or rugs!

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