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Top 10 Best Courier Service In India


Indian courier service began in 1998, offering dispatch and payload administrations. It works both in India and in addition To India, requiring little to no effort. Messenger benefit essentially points to elevating better policies to the clients.

The base camp of messenger benefit is mostly in Chennai, and its local office is in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

It is additionally creating establishments with different nations. Also, it is a client-generous dispatch benefit focusing on Fast conveying service, affordable cost, and stable well-being. The essential messenger administrations offered by India is as follows.

1. DTDC Cargo

DTDC Cargo and Courier Ltd. were established by Mr Subhasish Chakraborty in 1990. The organisation currently has a full system the nation over. It presently has the biggest franchisee organised in the country. It empowers it to cover more than 10,000 stick codes in the country. DTDC Blue additionally guarantees conveyance benefits far and wide for the nation. DTDC, besides giving conveyance to metros and substantial urban areas in India, ensures unconditional promise.

2. DHL Express

DHL Express is a Deutsche organization (the world’s strategic organization) working in all parts of the world. It is driving its messenger benefits in the ocean and air.

It likewise masters a global bundle, express, air and sea cargo, street and rail transportation, contract coordination, and worldwide mail administrations to its customers. It manages coordination as well with different departments.

DHL likewise offers shipping and outsourced coordination benefits in the aviation industry, automotive industry, chemical, consumer fashion, life science and wellbeing care, and technology.

3. FedEx

It is a 24-hour dispatch benefit over the world. It is an American messenger conveyance benefit with central command in Memphis, Tennessee. It offers conveyance crosswise over 50 urban areas of India.

It gives quick, dependable administrations crosswise over 220 countries.

It likewise provides a cash-back guarantee and free web-based delivery devices.

FedEx Express Transportation and Supply Chain Services (India ) Private Limited (FedEx TSCS) offers Express, Contract Logistics (Warehousing and Solutions Engineering), Distribution and Transportation arrangements, and esteem-included administrations.

4. India Post

India post is an official site permitting Pin code search, Track, Trace speed, Post articles, and mail administrations. It is a government worker benefits.

Other than this, it is giving One India One Rate Post Service. It is likewise economical and fast. It similarly offers esteem-included services, tracking facility, and volume discounts.

It is an association giving quality administrations. It has very nearly 22 hovers crosswise over India.

India Post provides different policies in light of client prerequisites and an immense system in the zone of Communication Services (Letters, Postcards, and so on.), Transportation Services (Parcels, Logistics Post), Financial Services (Savings Bank, Money Order, etc.

It likewise bolsters International Money Transfer Services, Public-Private Partnerships for expanding monetary administration exceed through the mail station organizes, Postal Life Insurance), and Premium Value included Services (like Speed Post, Business Post, and Retail Post). India Post gives correspondence, transportation and Banking Services crosswise over the nation.

5. Blue Dart

Bluedart is a Chennai-based dispatch benefit that fundamentally worked around evening-time express freight flights concerning residential and provincial enlisting. South Asia’s head dispatch benefit is having channels crosswise over 33,734 zones.

The administrations offered up to 220 nations and the world. Bluedart is all around coordinated transportation, dissemination and coordination Company and is the Deutsche Post DHL gathering piece.

Blue shoot engages Security, dependable, time-positive dispersion crosswise over 26,804 areas in India and 220 nations worldwide. Bluedart is very much expected to enable ventures, for example, hardware, media transmission, IT, keeping the money, retail, auto parts, materials and clothes, pearls and Jewelry and pharmaceuticals.

It is essentially the ability to coordinations that points to offering the client a competitive advantage.

6. Ekart Logistics

Ekart Logistics is one of India’s major courier service providers, offering complete supply chain and fulfillment services. 
Ekart Logistics began in 2009 as Flipkart’s in-house logistics division. 
It offers first- and last-mile delivery services to over 3800 pin codes in India.
The Ekart Logistics API enables online businesses to connect with different online marketplaces and storefronts and give clients various payment mechanisms such as Cash-on-Delivery (COD), UPI, wallets, net banking, and so on. 
The Ekart tracking API allows the simple transfer of order tracking information between systems and offers customers real-time order progress notifications.

7. Ecommerce Express

Ecom Express, which covers over 27000 pin codes in India, is a popular choice for e-commerce enterprises that deal with high-value items such as jewellery. It provides additional security and surveillance services during storage and transit.

Ecom Express provides express delivery, doorstep quality checks (QC) for returned items, and a 72-hour delivery guarantee. It has 45,000 square feet of storage space spread over 2700+ Indian cities.

It offers a ‘Test and Purchase’ feature under value-added services, ideal for any online business.

8. Safe Express

Safe Express, like Gati, is one of India’s oldest courier companies, with over 20 years of experience in the eCommerce logistics market. Secure Express takes pride in offering businesses the most effective supply chain solutions in India, serving over 28000 different pin codes.

Each truck is outfitted with PRS-enabled smart devices, allowing eCommerce businesses to receive real-time tracking updates while orders are in transit.

This also allows transportation units to find the best path for any delivery to minimise delays. Online businesses benefit from Safe Express protected delivery services, which include receipt of proof-of-delivery upon completion.

9. Professional Courier Services

Professional Couriers have been providing courier services in collaboration with supply chain professionals for over a decade.
To ensure seamless delivery, approximately 1000 Professional Couriers offices are maintained nationwide.
This organization is well-known for offering businesses rapid courier services with increased security and dependability. Its well-distributed network of fulfillment offices ensures efficiency.

10. Shadowfax

Shadowfax originated in India in 2015 as courier firm to alleviate last-mile delivery issues in the logistics industry. 
Shadowfax is one of India’s fastest hyperlocal delivery providers, with devoted staff of 25 lakh riders. It offers both forward and reverses logistics services to ecommerce enterprises. Transportation by lad or air, warehouse pickups, real-time order tracking, and COD payments are all available.
Shadowfax is one of India’s top courier services due to its ability to reach even the country’s most remote corners.