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Ben Shelton – The Next American Star on Tennis Scene


Ben Shelton, 20 years old, is poist become the next American tennis superstar. He is a big-hitting Atlanta boy who has won numerous impressive matches across the US.

Shelton started his career at the University of Florida, where he was mentorand coach by Bryan Shelton, his father.

Shelton won the NCAA singles title in spring and beat Casper Ruud (French Open runner-up) in Cincinnati this summer.

His father is a tennis coach

Ben Shelton started playing tennis when he was only 12 years old. His father and former professional tennis player, Bryan Shelton, was his mother.

Ben Shelton is a well-rounded tennis player and has succeeded in his career. He is a promising young tennis player and is considere one of the top players in American tennis.

He is a rising star in the game of tennis and has attracted the attention of the whole world. This is a sign of American tennis’ future.

Shelton was born into a family of athletes. His parents, sister, and brother were all professional tennis players.

Shelton is a skilled tennis player and currently ranks as the 88th most successful player in the world.

His mother is a tennis player

Ben Shelton is the son of Bryan Shelton and Lisa Witsken Shelton, former professional tennis players. He is a young man with a solid start to his ATP career.

His mother and father were his parents, who had been marrie for over twenty years. He was instill with a passion for sports by his parents.

Emma, Emma’s second child, is also an avid tennis player. She plays at the University of Florida.

Shelton was ma a professional in 2022.

His brother is a tennis player

Bryan Shelton is Bryan’s youngest son. He was a former professional tennis player, Florida Gators men’s tennis coach, and his mother, Lisa Shelton.

Lisa Shelton was a promising junior tennis player who switched careers to become an agent.

Emma, Ben’s younger sibling, is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida. She plays on the Gators tennis team.

Shelton’s father was a tennis player himself. He won two titles on the ATP Tour and achieved a career-high rank of 55. His son was a long-time coach for his high school tennis team.

Shelton is an American football fan but has taken up tennis to follow in his father’s footsteps.

ATP Challenger circuit.

Shelton is a rising star in the US men’s tennis circuit. Opponents easily recognize his left-handed serve, as well as his forehand. Since 2022, he has worked alongside Dean Gilbert, a traveling coach.

His sister plays football

Ben Shelton is not the only person in his family who loves sports. Ben’s older sister, Emma Shelton, is also an avid tennis player. She’s currently a senior at The University of Florida.

Bryan Shelton, Shelton’s father, was a college tennis coach. His wife, Lisa Shelton, a passionate tennis player, instilled in her children a love for the game.

Despite his parents’ passion, Ben was not interest in the sport as a child. He preferred American football. After his parents showed him the basics, he switched to the sport and began training with his older brother.

Shelton began dating Anna Hall in November 2021. Since then, they have been together. Shelton’s Facebook page featured some of their vacation photos.

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