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Inside the Minds of Trump’s Defense: A Look of Trump lawyers


Since the impeachment investigation against President Trump began, Trump lawyers has been in the spotlight. From Rudy Giuliani to Alan Dershowitz, these attorneys representing Trump’s interests at trial have been subject of media scrutiny. Here is an exclusive look into their minds:

Alan Dershowitz: A Constitutional Law Expert

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Alan Dershowitz is a renowned Harvard law professor and celebrity defense attorney renowned for his expertise on constitutional law. He has long been an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump, and Dershowitz will play an important role during the impeachment trial by making the constitutional case against Trump’s removal.

Dershowitz has defended his decision to join Trump’s legal team, asserting that he is not a political partisan but an advocate for the Constitution. In an interview, he expressed his view that impeachment should only be used for cases of criminal conduct equivalent to treason or bribery. Additionally, Democrats are setting a dangerous precedent by seeking to impeach Trump over policy disagreements, according to Dershowitz.

Jay Sekulow: The Veteran Advocate

Jay Sekulow is a veteran American attorney and close confidante of Donald Trump, serving as his personal lawyer since the Russia investigation began. Sekulow has an established record representing Christian conservative values in high-profile cases such as representing Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker or helping to remove abortion from Medicaid coverage lists.

As head of Trump’s defense team, Sekulow will likely focus on the legal arguments against impeachment. In a recent statement, he declared the charges against Trump “flimsy” and “constitutionally deficient.” Sekulow has been particularly vocal about his opposition to the abuse of power charge against Trump, asserting it has “no basis in law.”

Rudy Giuliani: The Controversial Figure

Rudy Giuliani is a former mayor of New York City and close personal friend of Trump, best known for his role in investigating the case that ultimately led to Trump’s impeachment. Although not technically part of Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been an influential figure on their defense team even though he won’t actually argue the case before the Senate.

Giuliani has been a controversial figure in the impeachment investigation, with critics alleging he went too far in gathering damaging information about Trump’s political rivals. In an interview with Fox News last month, Giuliani claimed he had discovered evidence of corruption on behalf of the Bidens in Ukraine which he believes justifies Trump’s actions. Expect Giuliani to remain vocal in support of Trump throughout the trial.


These three men have been the backbone of Trump’s legal defense team throughout the impeachment investigation. While each has a unique background and approach to law, they all share one mission: to defend Trump against all charges brought against him. Whether their arguments will be persuasive enough for the Senate to clear Trump of all charges remains to be seen; but one thing is certain: these attorneys will remain formidable forces as the trial progresses.

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