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Banana Boat Sunscreen Recall for Benzene, a Cancer-Causing Chemical



Banana Boat has extended a recall it issued last year due to the presence of a cancer-causing chemical in their scalp and hair sunscreen spray to include an additional batch.

In July, the Food and Drug Administration issued an initial recall for Banana Boat’s six-ounce “Hair & Scalp Spray SPF30”. That recall revealed that three batches of this product contained trace amounts of benzene – a carcinogen.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, benzene is not an ingredient in sunscreen as previously claimed by the FDA. Instead, this chemical was detected in the propellant used to spray the sunscreen out of cans.

Banana Boat, owned by personal hygiene product manufacturer Edgewell, announced that they would grant purchasers a refund and asked them to discard their product.

Banana Boat Recalled Lot Codes

The latest batch of banana boats that has been recalled is labeled with the following lot code and expiration date: C19A-011.

  • Lot Code: 20301CF
  • Expiration Date: September 2023
  • Last year’s recall involved the following batches.
  • Lot Code 20016AF Expiration Date: December 2022
  • Lot Code 20084BF Expiration Date: February 2023
  • Lot Code 21139AF Expiration Date: April 20, 23

Banana Boat recently issued a third batch of its 2022 recall for hair and scalp sunscreen products.
FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION issued the notification:

Banana Boat recently issued a third batch of their 2022 recall for hair and scalp sunscreen products. According to the Food and Drug Administration, these ingredients may cause cancer in certain individuals.

Dry shampoo recalls: Why Benzene Is at the Center of These Issues

Unilever recently recalled 19 products sold under its top brands such as Dove, Suave and TRESemme due to potential elevated levels of benzene found in aerosol spray bottles.

This followed an October discovery that Unilever had detected “potentially elevated levels” of benzene in aerosol spray bottles from 19 different brands.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prolonged exposure to aerosolized chemicals can result in leukemia – a cancer of blood-forming organs such as bone marrow.

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