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NBA Player Ray Allen Tweet Trouble Dirty Tweet Alarms Followers


Ray Allen Tweet Trouble: Dirty Followers of Tweet Alarms Mar 18, 2010, 05.12 | December 6, 2017 Updated
Ray Allen is the latest NBA player to have Twitter troubles. He sent an erotic tweet last night, seemingly out of the blue. It said: “I’m getting there. Think about your tongue and how you masturbate.

Later, the tweet deleted and 14 minutes later, another tweet appeared, this one from , apologizing for his actions and claiming that he wasn’t responsible. I have to change my tweet handle. The handle  changed from @sugarray20 into @greenrayn20. Scroll down for a NSFW screengrab.

It is not clear if Allen actually hacked, or if he accidentally made public what  intended to  private messages. It is interesting that many of Allen’s original tweets and the allegedly malicious email  sent via Echofon, although it would not  difficult to hack the client.


After claiming that his account had hijacked, Allen said that “i hope it was amusing for people but i either gonna change or quit tweeting altogether.”

Brandon Jennings, a rookie Bucks player, was penalized $7,500 for tweeting after the game had ended too quickly. Jennings  fined on the same day that a Buffalo Bills linebacker threw a punch at a Rangers reliever C.J. Wilson said he  “borderline offended by a trade offer” for him. After posting two negative tweets regarding two ESPN.com radio hosts, Bill Simmons  penalized. Scroll down to view a screen shot showing the erotic tweeter.

What happened after Ray Allen leaked this text?

As expected, Allen denied that he tweeted it out. He claimed that he had  hacked, despite only 14 minutes having sent the tweet.

Second, it discovered that Bryant Coleman, a man known for catfishing the NBA Hall-of-Famer was the one he was texting. Ray and Shannon are still married despite all this. Follow for more article chopnews.com

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