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Amrutham Serial Actors Full Details


Amrutham serial actors: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic of the Amrutham serial cast.

Besides Aamudaala Santha, Supraja, Veyyi Pudakalu and other actors, there are many more amrutham serial actors who are in the limelight and are making people’s lives happier.

They are very popular among the youth and are doing a great job with their acting skills. They are known for their professionalism and delivering the best of their roles.

Please go through the article and enjoy reading it.

Amrutham serial actors Introduction

Amrutham is a Telugu sitcom television series. It is created by Gangaraju Gunnam. The story revolves around a fictional restaurant in the place of Hyderabad named Amrutha Vilas.

Its owners find themselves in hilarious situations. With their money-making schemes. The show originally telecast on Gemini Television from the year 2001 to 2007. With around 313 episodes.

A produce something new based on a popular television program film titled Amrutham Chandamamalo. It was released in the year 2014.

Its sequel, called Amrutham Dhvitheeyam. It begins streaming on the channel of ZEE5 after 13 years from the year March 2020.

Senthil Kumar

KK Senthil Kumar is an Indian cinematographer who works in the Telugu film industry. He is known for his frequent collaborations with director S S Rajamouli.

He has also worked on a number of films, including the Baahubali series. He is currently working on a film titled Vijetha.

He is also a television presenter. He hosts a weekly movie review show, called Tamil Cinema Indha Vaaram.

He also hosts a show called Love Talkies. He has also worked on radio movies.

Senthil began his career as a radio jockey. He worked at Radio Mirchi for four years. He then went on to co-host a show called Old Tamil Songs. He later became head of Radio Mirchi in Coimbatore.

In this role, he also hosted many shows for STAR Vijay. He has also performed in a number of television serials. He was the lead character in two STAR Vijay serials, Saravannan Meenatchi and Madurai.

Senthil Kumar has also worked on a number of films, and he is best known for his work as the lead cinematographer of ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’.

He has also worked on other films like ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Yamadonga’. He has been nominated for the Filmfare Awards South for ‘Baahubali’ in 2014.

Senthil Kumar has also worked in the Telugu television industry. He was the cinematographer for the TV series Amrutham.

The show premiered on November 18, 2001. It was a hit with viewers and was re-broadcast several times after its initial run.


Among the famous Amrutham serial actors is Supraja, who played the role of Sanjeevini. She is an Indian actress and model who works mostly in the Telugu movie industry.

She also appeared in the Tamil film Kadavan. She has a good track record of working in popular movies.

Amrutham is a TV serial that aired on Gemini TV in early 2000s. It lasted for six years and had an audience ranging from children to senior citizens. It was a hit and spawned a spin off film in 2014.

It was created by Gundu Hanumantha Rao, who died in 2018. It was the first Telugu comedy show to become a hit and is considered to be the longest running comedy show in telugu television history.

In the serial, Amrutha Rao owns a restaurant in Hyderabad. He dreams of making big money in the restaurant business. The boss of Amrutha Rao is a bit mean to Amrutham and scolds him for any mistake.

Aamudaala Santha

‘Amrutham’ is a very popular Telugu comedy television series. The show was produced by Gangaraju Gunnam, a known Telugu film producer, writer and director.

The series was first telecast on Gemini TV, but later acquired by other Telugu channels.

The show became immensely popular and had an audience that ranged from youngsters to seniors.

Amrutham is a middle-aged gullible man who dreams of making big with his restaurant business. He also tries to get his wife’s son admission into school.

He is also the narrator of Appaji’s story of Idi Katha Kadu. ‘Amrutham Dhvithiyam’ is the second season of the series.

It is a teleplay written by Gangaraju Gunnam. The show features Harsha Vardhan, Sivannarayana and Ragini in the main roles.

Amrutham’s cousin, Anji, lives next to his house and helps him in his business. They sometimes get into trouble due to numerology. Anji often gives out-of-the-box ideas to improve the business.

Amrutham’s son, Padmini, studies in another town while his sister and brother-in-law are studying in Amrutha Vilas. They take advantage of Amrutham and make him pay hotel bills.

Veyyi Pudakalu

‘Veyyi Pudakalu’ is a serial starring Amrutham and Anji. They are a Telugu couple who have a love for cinema. The story revolves around their love for movies and the life they lead.

In their free time, they watch movies in theaters and play cricket. They also teach Telugu classes to children.

Their lives are full of misunderstandings and the problems they face are caused by numerology.

In one episode, Amrutham and Anji become contestants of a TV show. They are competing against each other, and Appaji becomes their judge.

They are both engrossed in the show. But there is one major twist in the story. The main characters are kidnapped. The script for this episode is quite complicated.

In the episode, a girl named Suma is the only daughter of Amrutham and Anji. Her father works in the railways. During her college days, she used to live in Kerala.

But she settled in Hyderabad because of her father’s job. After that, she started acting in serials.

She is very well-known in the south Indian film industry. She started her acting career in 1990. She has also acted in various TV shows like Doordharshan and Megalaya.

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