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Top 10 Differences Between Tollywood vs bollywood


Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Top 10 Differences Between Bollywood to Tollywood.

There are many differences between Bollywood and Tollywood in the Film industry. But here I am going to show the immense difference between these two film industries.

Differences Between Bollywood And Tollywood

Tollywood vs bollywood

1. The Production of a much higher number of films in Bollywood

This is the first difference between Tollywood vs bollywood  the two industries in Tollywood on its average with produces 300 movies approximately and Bollywood has 1200. So, we cannot say who produces more sensible movies, but Indian cinema takes more points when it comes to the production of the movies.

2. The Differences in Languages

Tollywood is being South Indian which has movies to a large extent in Telugu. But it is also in the languages like Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam many times. Bollywood industry mainly has movies in Hindi, but instead of Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bihari is regularly used. The examples in the movie PK, where actor Aamir Khan speaks on the language Bhojpuri, and actress Anushka Sharma talks in the language Hindi, etc.

3. The more revenue in Bollywood than the Tollywood

The Tollywood industry comes in third place. But the Bollywood industry is two steps ahead in the list of the highest-grossing film industry. that means the Bollywood industry tops it. The reason is asking still now that there are more Hindi speakers than in these languages Telugu or Tamil.

4. Tollywood named as an extra-drama

As we all would have to agree that the Tollywood industry is much more existing than Bollywood. The South film Industry shows what no one can even think of it. Though, when we compare these two industries Bollywood to Hollywood, the same logic applies to the Hindi Film Industry also.

5. The Tollywood industry is bigger than the Bollywood one

On average, the maximum lengths of any Bollywood film, which is changes from two to three hours. Whereas in the Tollywood movies it exceeds Hindi Industry by an hour. The main reason being is over drama obviously it needs extra time.

6. More action movies are focuses on the Tollywood

The Bollywood industry has a completely different scene, though it makes more focus on the fighting scenes that is nothing when it is comparison comes with the South films. Hindi films have Romance, Love, Society conflicts, Marriage, etc. As their main theme is Action is usually less important than but related.

7. Bollywood film industry makes better music

Though it is hard to judge, whether the Hindi Film industry seems to have a better taste when it comes to the choices of music. because their songs are more melodious and in the harmony. But, the Tollywood industry believes more in the faster and chaotic sounds; when its songs sometimes are not pleasing and soothing to the ears.

8. The different ways to portray romance in the Tollywood industry

It is not like the Bollywood industry, that the actor and actress will fall in love at a first sight. In the Tollywood industry, it is much rougher; the boy will make all the bad efforts to impress the girl. It sometimes looks funny too. The definition of romance is the opposite in both of the film industries.

9. The year ahead is a Tollywood industry

Yes, the Tollywood industry has produced its first film called  Bhisma Pratighna in the year 1912, whereas the Bollywood industry has generated a film known as Raja Harishchandra in the year 1913. It is an age-old myth that South Industry film came after the Hindi cinema. Well, so now you can know the difference.

10. More variety is offered in the Bollywood industry than in the Tollywood industry

From the past few years, the Hindi film industry has come from their evergreen themes of love and romance and is also offering more on the table. But the Tollywood industry still seems to stick in the action and represented as larger stories with over drama absorb in it. It may not be fair to say, but the Bollywood industry has improved more than the Tollywood industry.

So, these are the differences between the Bollywood and Tollywood film industries. I think both the film industries have similarities in some way but not all. But if anyone sees from the latest situations Bolly and Tollywood, both the industries are the same and are having the same way of representing their movies but only one thing is different and that is language.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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