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Al Ain Zoo Celebrates World Penguin Day


World Penguin Day: In honor of World Penguin Day, the Al Ain Zoo has stated that it would emphasize its initiatives to safeguard and conserve penguins.

Al Ain Zoo Celebrates World Penguin Day

world penguine day
world penguine day

88 Humboldt penguins, a species that is listed on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, are now living in the zoo.

The zoo’s continued dedication to penguin conservation is demonstrated by the numerous training programs it has put in place to ensure the highest levels of care and advance the welfare of the animals.

Initiatives that promote positive behavior and involvement in social interactions are part of these programs.

The opportunity to feed the penguins, which enables visitors to the zoo to view the birds up close and snap priceless pictures, is a special highlight for visitors.

Along with this encounter, the zoo also offers educational material about penguins, the difficulties they encounter in the wild, and strategies for saving them from extinction.

Al Ain Zoo also undertakes a number of other wildlife conservation programs in addition to its efforts to conserve penguins.

The Biodiversity Study Programme, which classifies animal species and keeps tabs on migrating birds and butterflies, is one of the most prominent of them.

A bigger number of birds have settled at the zoo, showing that they regard Al Ain Zoo as a new resting spot, and the program has been successful in observing new species.

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