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Agust D is Back And How! Haegeum by Suga of BTS is Out


BTS member Suga is returning as Agust D. With the release of D-Day, Suga completes the trilogy he began with August D, followed by D-2 and his first official solo album. Suga is featured in the title tune, which is titled Haegeum.

Agust D returns

Suga wrote and created all of the music for Haegeum, which is a traditional Korean musical instrument. The poetic rap song by Suga stands out for its innovative utilization of traditional beats.

The song was artistically filmed in Thailand and features Suga in a dual role, speaking about one’s own duality. In the same sentence, he discusses being a slave to capitalism and many interpretations of freedom.

The lyrics are understandable and, more than anybody else, depict Agust D’s path toward self-understanding. It talks about pursuing liberation from all that is prohibited.

He challenges the many façades of a society where, depending on one’s needs, various people interpret freedom of expression differently.

Could you still support freedom of expression if it could lead to someone’s death? After asking, he reiterates how capitalism and “flexing selfishness” have made people into serfs.

“Slaves to capitalism, slaves to money, slaves to hatred and prejudice, slaves to YouTube, slaves to flexing selfishness and greed have gone off the rails,” says Agust D. again.

Suga admitted in an interview with IU that this is perhaps his lighter work than D and D-2, where his angst-filled alter persona was more irate. He is more at ease than ever this time.

The track can be found on Suga’s debut solo album, D-Day, which is currently accessible across all platforms. There are ten songs on the album, including “HUH?!,” a collaboration with fellow BTS member j-hope.

Geugya, IU, Woosung of The Rose, and the late Ryuichi Sakamoto all appeared on “People Pt. 2,” “ê1•14”, and “Snooze,” respectively.

Suga and IU collaborated on a pre-release single before D-Day that was a continuation of their previously released song, “People Pt. 1.”

Following D-Day, SUGA: Road To D-Day, a documentary with Suga, will be released.

On April 21, 2023, the documentary becomes available on Disney + Hotstar. Following the release of this album, Suga will go on a solo world tour that will start on April 26, 2023. Follow chopnews to get updated with trending and latest news of korean entertainment industry.