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Adrian’s Kickback Turns Into a Phenomenon

Adrian's Kickback
Adrian's Kickback
adrians kickback
Adrian’s Kickback

If you’re one of those people who like to get a little wild from time to time, you’ve probably heard of Adrian’s Kickback. This viral party has become a phenomenon in the world of music, and has even spawned copycat parties.

Argentinian DJ and music producer

Argentinian DJ and music producer Adrian Hour has released a new trend called Adrian’s Kickback on TikTok. The new trend has gathered momentum and has attracted a large number of users. This has led to the creation of a party in Huntington Beach, California.

Previously, Adrian’s Kickback had a very low media attention. However, it now has over 54 million views on TikTok. In addition, the party in Huntington Beach has drawn the attention of authorities. Consequently, the police are taking measures to prepare for the event.

It is unclear how many people are planning to attend the Adrian’s Kickback party in Huntington Beach. Earlier, some partygoers reportedly showed up for a pre-party.

According to the party’s invitation video, the concert will be held on May 22, 2021 at 19:30. In addition, the video states that the event will take place at fire pits.

The Argentinian DJ and music producer, Adrian Hour, has been making music since his early years. He has been working with some of the leading underground companies. As a result, he has played in places like Amsterdam, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Buenos Aires.

Viral party grew uncontrollable

Adrian’s kickback was a viral party that took place in Huntington Beach, California. The event was organized by a TikTok user and was advertised on social media sites. It drew thousands of revelers to the beach for a night of fun. However, the party slid into a riotous mess, resulting in a handful of arrests.

Adrian’s kickback was a “meme” in the form of an impromptu birthday party. A TikTok video promoting the event, which included the use of a bonfire, generated excitement among fans and social media users alike. Many flocked to the beach to attend the party, some even driving hundreds of miles to be a part of the action.

The party was a big success, attracting more than 2,500 visitors. Some attendees flew into Los Angeles to take part in the festivities. But it didn’t last long. When the unruly crowd began to swell, law enforcement officials deemed the event an unlawful assembly.

It’s no secret that some TikTok users wanted to get in on the action. One such user claimed to have driven from Las Vegas to be a part of the festivities.

149 people were arrested

Huntington Beach, CA, on Saturday night witnessed a massive crowd of revelers attend the “Adrian’s Kickback” party. The event was advertised on TikTok and spread online. This led to the arrest of 149 people, many of whom were juveniles.

The event started in the lifeguard tower area and moved into downtown. People partied on the beach and were reportedly setting off fireworks. Police were called in to control the crowd. However, the gathering soon grew larger, with participants throwing bottles and rocks at officers.

Video footage showed police wearing riot helmets and shutting down streets. They used less-lethal rounds to break up the crowd. Businesses were damaged as well.

After the crowd became too large, police declared the party an unlawful assembly. Authorities then put in place an emergency curfew for the area, from 11pm to 5am on Sunday. A police car was also damaged by fireworks.

Charges cited include firing dangerous/illegal fireworks, violation of curfew, and failure to disperse. There were also 28 arrests of juveniles for failing to obey police orders.

Copycat parties spawned

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok lately, you might have noticed that the video of Adrian Lopez’s birthday party has gone viral. His party, dubbed Adrian’s Kickback, has become a social media phenomenon, spawning hundreds of copycat parties. Some of these parties were so large, that police had to be called to help keep the crowds under control.

Originally, Adrian’s Kickback was a largely casual get-together on Huntington Beach. It was meant to be a fun, low-key event that would draw just a few hundred people, and it did. But after the party exploded into a riot on Saturday night, the situation quickly escalated and the Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) reported over 175 arrests. As of this writing, 121 adults have been arrested, while 28 juveniles have been taken into custody.

This has prompted the Huntington Beach Police Department to declare an unlawful assembly in the area and to make an emergency curfew. The partygoers jumped on police cars, set off fireworks, and fought with officers. However, there have been no injuries.