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Willow Knoll – Middletown Ohio Senior Living


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Willow knoll is a senior living community located in Middletown, Ohio. Willow knoll provides post-acute care and assisted living services to seniors.

Located in the southwestern suburbs, Middletown sits on the Great Miami River and is a short drive from major medical facilities.

Liberty Health Care Corp, a long-term care provider in Centerville, purchased the community from AmeriCare Communities (India). The sale brings Liberty’s long-term care holdings to 13 Ohio communities.


Willow knoll is located in the southwestern suburb of Middletown, Ohio and offers senior care in a comfortable setting. The community offers both assisted and post-acute living, as well as respite and terminal illness care.

This facility participates in Medicare and Medicaid. You can get financial aid to pay for your stay.

The cabin has two bedrooms and is situated on an 8-acre lot. It is equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom and covered deck. It features plenty of natural light and is a great place to relax. It is also conveniently located near all of the amenities that Atlanta has to offer! Come see it today, you won’t be disappointed. You can even bring your pet with you!


Willow Knoll provides a wide range of amenities and services for its residents. These include IV therapy and tracheostomy, as well as in-house vision, podiatry, and dental care. The senior living facility also has a therapy gym and offers regular on-site physician visits.

The facility is located in Middletown, a city situated along the Great Miami River and just 35 miles north of Cincinnati. The facility is located in Middletown, which is just a few minutes away from major hospitals such as Atrium Medical Centre and Middletown Pulmonary and Critical Care.

A beautiful two-bedroom cabin with all the modern amenities that you’d expect from a retirement community can be found in this area. The cabin has a living area, a bathroom and a kitchen. It is located on an eight-acre wooded property with a covered deck and outdoor seating area.


Willow Knoll offers assisted living and a wide range of other activities for its residents. The community offers a therapeutic gym as well as a large, outdoor courtyard. They also have a movie theater. GQT Willow Knolls 14 features 14 screens with all digital projection, stadium seating and premium high back loungers. The staff at the theater is friendly and courteous. They have great prices on tickets and concessions. You can also join their rewards program. You can earn points for free movie tickets, popcorn, and more. They have a good selection of movies, and the quality is good. Sam’s Club members get a discounted rate.


Willow Knoll is a post-acute facility that offers assisted living and care in Middletown. It is located in quiet suburbia. Residents can have private or semi-private rooms and a dedicated staff who provide care according to their needs. A variety of healthcare and wellness services are available, including tracheostomy care, IV therapy, respite care and terminal illness care.

The staff at Willow Knoll is committed to ensuring that all residents receive the highest quality of care. The community offers care in the form of on-site doctor visits and also provides podiatry, vision, hearing, and dental services. The staff at Willow Knoll is highly skilled, and they pride themselves on treating each resident with dignity and respect. Staff members are encouraged to exchange their knowledge with one another.