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A way out endings – Way out ending explained



A way out endings : Is There a Third Secret Ending? ‘A Way Out’ All Endings Guide: Is There a Third Secret Ending?

Way Out is a narrative-driven game featuring many endings, while the exact number of endings is still up for debate. We’ll tell you everything we know about Leo and Vincent’s dual-branched narrative in this quick guide.

A way out endings: Is there any secret ending?

A way out endingsBecause we’re talking about endings, it goes without saying that there will be SPOILERS for A Way Out’s storey. Those who do not wish to know the final result should exit now.

The ending you get in A Way Out is largely determined by how you complete the game’s last chapter, “Conflict.”

The two cooperative partners, and friendly players, turn on each other at a moment of treachery.

Vincent and Leo notice a gun in the midst of a heated argument. You’ll see the ending associated with the character who fires the final bullet.

If Vincent lives, you’ll clasp hands with Leo one more time before informing Linda and Alex of his death.

If Leo makes it out alive, he’ll leave Vincent’s note for Carol to read on her doorstep. Although all endings are organised similarly, each cutscene has slightly different lore elements. In the video below, you can see both versions of the conclusion.

Fortunately, because both endings are dependent on what happens in the game’s final minutes, it’s simple to reload your save and view both without having to replay the full game.


While we’re still sifting through every inch of A Way Out, we can’t find any indication of a third ending or one in which both Vincent and Leo survive.

This makes a lot of sense, based on our conversation with game director Josef Fares late last year. Fares did not perceive A Way Out as a product with a lot of replay value or many branching routes at the time.

He stated a wish to ensure that the entire plot progresses in the direction of the appropriate emotional cues.

An ending in which both Vincent and Leo live might perhaps change the plot sufficiently that it wouldn’t have the same emotional impact at the end.

It wouldn’t make sense, either, considering the magnitude of the betrayal.

However, it’s possible that there’s a third conclusion that has yet to be uncovered. However, it appears that only the two endings are now available.

On PS4, Xbox One, and PC, A Way Out is now available. Read our guide to using the game’s free Friend Pass feature if you’re just getting started.

What are your thoughts on the endings of A Way Out? Is there a third conclusion that we haven’t seen yet? Let us know in the comments!

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