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Squirdle Wordle Alternatives to 2022

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Squirdle Wordle, an app for word-guessing, is a hit worldwide. Many spinoffs have emerged with hyper-specific themes.

The internet recently saw a Pokemon-themed version of the word-guessing game squircle. It was created by Sergio Morales (a Costa Rican software developer).

It’s a Wordle-like video game

Many clones have been created after Wordle, the viral word-guessing game was popularized. Although some of these clones were created by app store scammers, many Wordle alternatives offer more than a five-letter guess each day.

Sergio “Firebrand” Esquivel, a software developer, created Squirtle. It’s a Pokemon-themed Wordle variant. Instead of guessing Squirdle words, players will have to think of the secret Pokemon for the day in just eight attempts.

Two game modes are available: Squirtle Daily, where players will guess the same mystery Pokemon once per 24 hours, and Squirtle Free Play, where players can think as many times as they like.

Squirtle allows Pokemon lovers to limit their guesses to Generation 1 Pokemon. Squirtle also offers auto-suggestions that can help you choose the correct Pokemon.

You can also customize the game to your liking. Experienced players can disable information about Gen 1 and all other Gens. This Wordle version will be a hit with Gen 1 gamers. They will feel free of hundreds of answers.

It’s a Pokemon

Wordle, the popular word puzzle game, has recently gained popularity. Now, hyper-specific spinoffs are being created. Sergio Morales Esquivel is a Costa Rican software developer who created Squirdle, a Pokemon-themed Wordle.

Players are challenged to guess the name and type of a mystery Pokemon by using clues that depend on their generation, Height, weight, and kind.

This game is not for casual Pokemon lovers but should be easy for serious Pokemon enthusiasts.

Squirtle will return five colored tiles for each of the eight guesses. These tiles indicate the Pokemon’s type, generation, height/weight, and gender. A green tile will signify that you were correct if you are right. Red tiles are an error.

Squirtle uses arrows to indicate whether your next guess will be higher or lower than the one that came before. If a blue tile is more extensive than Squirdle predecessor, you should try again. A yellow tile means that your next guess was incorrect.

It is free

Over the last few months, Wordle, a web-based word game, has been growing in popularity. There are many Wordle clones available on the App Store. Wheeldle claims to be “the infinite” version.

Squirtle adds a new twist to the format. You don’t need to guess words; you have to figure out the name of a Pokemon.

Each player has eight chances to guess which creature’s Generation, Type, and Height they are. Each hint is a colored tile containing up and down arrows. A green square is a correct guess.

Squirtle is a fantastic game for those who love Pokemon, but it can prove difficult for others. Many modes allow players to learn the game. You can limit how many guesses you make.

It’s fun

Squirtle is an enjoyable game for Pokemon lovers. It’s a Wordle-style game, where clues help players guess the daily mystery Pokemon. You can imagine the correct name in 8 attempts.

You can play the game online for free and there are multiple modes. Squirtle Daily is the first mode. This requires players to guess a mystery Pokémon each day.

The clues are provided by a series of tiles that have color codes. These tiles will provide clues about the mystery Pokemon’s type, generation, and Height. A green square will indicate the correct answer.

Squirtle has a mode where you can only guess one generation of Gen 1 Pokemon. This mode is excellent for those who need to learn more about the Gen 1 Pokemon line.

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