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Zaycon Fresh Company Has Bankcrupt [ Recover Your Fund ]



Zaycon Fresh’s Doors Have Closed Suddenly — Here’s What Customers Can Do

Zaycon Fresh

Zaycon Fresh’s business operations were abruptly halted on Monday, June 25th.’

Thousands of clients have been left out of pocket. And it’s understandable to be frustrated.

Zaycon Fresh was a meat distributor that allowed clients to order large quantities of fresh, never frozen meat such as chicken, bacon, turkey, shellfish, and other items.

The startup, which was founded in 2009, earned $2.5 million in angel capital in 2014.

By cutting out the intermediary and selling directly to customers from processing facilities, Zaycon was able to offer natural products at considerably reduced prices.

Zaycon had built a great reputation for high-quality products at a reasonable price during the previous few years. Until this week, that is.

Customers received text notifications that their future orders would not be completed.

The company deactivated its social media accounts overnight, declared a business suspension on its website, and customers received text alerts that their future orders would not be delivered.

One of the text messages was sent to me. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Note: We reached out to Zaycon Fresh for comment but have yet to hear back as of this writing.

If the company provides additional information, this post will be updated.

Customers are caught off guard by an unexpected closure.

Zaycon Fresh would publicise buying possibilities months in advance in order to plan large buys in various places.

Customers then paid for an order in advance to reserve it.

My family has never tried Zaycon Fresh until this spring. However, we’d heard wonderful things from friends and seen a lot of positive feedback.

As a result, we placed our first order when the company offered a ground beef special.

We were informed to pick up our purchase on August 18th after paying $95.62 on April 29. We will no longer receive it.

Our predicament is not unusual. Throughout the week, customers took to Twitter and Facebook to question how they can get their money back and if their items will ever be delivered.

Does a “suspension” imply that the business will reopen?

What Happens If Zaycon Fresh Declares Bankruptcy?

“Zaycon Fresh has put up massive efforts to overcome recent challenges,” according to a statement on the firm website, “but conditions are such that this suspension is necessary.

” Some former employees believe the corporation will file for bankruptcy. However, no Chapter 11 filings have been made as of this writing.

There are, however, a few things that clients should be aware of when it comes to bankruptcy filings.

To begin with, bankruptcy does not imply that Zaycon will never reopen.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a firm to settle its debts based on the value of the company.

The company can then become more financially stable.

Second, just because Zaycon may reopen does not guarantee that orders will be refunded.

On a company’s balance sheet, prepaid orders are classified as a current obligation.

These are classified as unsecured claims in bankruptcy. This means that these claims are grouped with any other unsecured debt and paid once secured claims have been paid. If there is enough equity to repay them.

It’s possible that Zaycon’s owners will find a way to honour orders or compensate customers if they decide to reopen, but it’s not assured.

Finally, bankruptcy is a lengthy process. Customers may have to wait months for Zaycon to provide a clear answer on the firm’s plans if the company is restructuring.

Here’s what consumers who don’t want to cut their losses can do next.

How to Recover Your Funds from Zaycon Fresh

Customers can send Zaycon Fresh questions via email. However, as previously stated, they are unlikely to receive a response in the near future.

The corporation won’t be able to give clear answers about future plans until the financial crisis is resolved.

Customers who paid by credit card or PayPal, on the other hand, should dispute the charges.

Orders from Zaycon, for example, might be challenged as “services not rendered” and should be covered by your card’s purchase protection.

While each credit card company’s procedures vary, any disputed charge must be examined and resolved within two billing cycles – and no later than 90 days.

Some customers have already reported receiving money back from their credit card issuers via social media.

In the Future, Where Can I Get Good Meat?

Unfortunately for the hundreds of people that relied on Zaycon Fresh for their meat purchases, there are few alternatives on the market that can match Zaycon’s costs.

Especially considering the company’s exceptional offers throughout the previous year. This, of course, may explain the current state of affairs.

Consider more local options for clients wishing to lower their shopping price while sticking to natural items.

Direct-from-farm purchases of quarter- or half-cows and pigs, local chicken, and co-op and CSA membership all provide a fresh product at a lesser price than other online sellers like Thrive Market or Butcher Box.

Zaycon Fresh may return to the market at some point in the future, bringing with them their low prices.

However, only time will tell whether customers would look past the current difficulties.


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