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Zane Build : A ‘Borderlands 3’ Triple Damage Zane Build


Zane build : As I’ve already completed the other three vault hunters this week, we’ve finally arrived at my final build for Mayhem 10 in Borderlands 3.

For Easy Mayhem, Try This ‘Borderlands 3′ Triple Damage Zane Build Farming (10)

zane build

Zane has been buffed and buffed till he is now in a solid condition.

He’s also gotten the most out of the new batch of anointments, thanks to one in particular that should now be at the heart of every build he has.

Here’s the construct I’m using with Zane in Mayhem 10, who was my primary boss-farmer until I discovered that FL4K could help me speed things up even further.

This Zane build, on the other hand, is much more durable than that one, and it may be the best all-around build in the game right now, especially until Yellowcake Moze is nerfed. Here’s what you should do:

The Blue Tree

As always, we’re going for as many kill skills as we can in this tree, and this is especially important now, because Mayhem scaling has broken lifestealing in such a way that it now effectively makes you immortal owing to the increased damage numbers.

As a result, dying on Zane is extremely difficult. As you can see, I’ve maxed every ability in this tree except weapon switch speed and the capstone, which the class mod negates.

The Red Tree

The primary ones here are magazine size and gun damage, and I did get down to the movement speed upgrades, as travelling insanely fast is a vital component of this build, especially with the new Mayhem modifications that literally make Zane break landspeed records. You don’t need the capstone at all in this case.


Because Zane will always have at least one skill active with this build, you’ll want this anointment on pretty much every rifle you use.

It’s triple damage depending on this anointment all the time (it does not stack twice to 400 percent , FYI).

I have it on both the new Monarch AR and the Kaoson SMG, the latter of which I’m using for mob clearing at the moment.

For tearing down boss shields as on Traunt, I also have a Hellshock with 300 percent damage above 90% health.

Due to the strange way that damage is computed in Borderlands, the 100 percent cryo damage on SNTNL is actually better than the 200 percent damage on action skill anointment.

They’re about equal in damage, with the cryo having a little advantage.

Modify the class

The only mod I’ve ever used on Zane is Seein’ Dead, which is a shame considering there aren’t any other options.

It’s just too good that he keeps all of his kill talents active all of the time. For this one, my Kaoson has weapon damage and Dahl crit damage.


For survivability, I enjoy the Recharger, as well as the 15% speed boost on SNTNL anointment, which makes a fast build even quicker almost all of the time. If you choose, you can use the elemental damage after action talent when your clone vanishes.


Because it pertains to the sticky bombs of that gun, I have the 150 percent damage increase for grenades while an action skill is active for my Kaoson build.

Normally, you’d want the 25% damage boost on throw, which can be triggered by a few of your tree abilities.


Do you think it’s a coincidence that it’s the Pearl? Until it’s nerfed or something better comes up, this will be a mainstay of almost every build indefinitely.

It’s pretty much a 100 percent damage increase all the time, as it always has been.


This is a different segment, but make sure you keep switching your modifiers until you obtain the easy one that says “increased movement speed on kill,” which will make Zane superhumanly quick while also increasing his damage.

Get up and move around. Things should be killed. Lifesteal. Enjoy.

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