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Zakaria Aboukhlal: Wiki, Wife, Parents & Networth


The first thing you need to know about Zakaria Aboukhlal is his name. He is a Moroccan footballer who currently plays for the French club Toulouse.

Zakaria Aboukhlal wiki

Zakaria has been playing football since he was a kid. He made his professional debut in the Netherlands with Jong PSV. After that, he played for Willem II, AZ Alkmaar, and Toulouse. In total, he has played 125 matches for his club.

One of his most notable contributions was in his tally of goals. During his time with the Dutch side, he made two appearances for their senior side.

Also, he won the award for most assists in a game. His most famous goal was scored against Central Africa in the 2021 African Cup of Nations, a 4-1 win.

As for Zakaria’s net worth, it is hard to be specific. He has no obvious spouse or family. However, his social media accounts indicate that he is a very private person.

Zakaria Aboukhlal wife

Zakaria Aboukhlal is a Moroccan-Dutch professional soccer player. He was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and his mother is of Moroccan descent. His father is a Libyan national.

Although Zakaria has played for the Netherlands at various age levels, he chose to play for Morocco.

The 21-year-old is currently playing for the Moroccan national team. He is a member of the Morocco 2022 World Cup squad.

Besides playing for the Morocco National Team, Zakaria has also played for the Netherlands U19, U20, and Youth teams.

In his club career, Zakaria Aboukhlal has scored 34 goals. He has appeared in 125 matches for his clubs. His first goal came in a match against Belgium at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He is a popular figure on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twiter.

There are 2 million followers on Zakariaabo’s Instagram account. You can follow his profile for more details on his family, friends, and career.

Zakaria Aboukhlal parents

Zakaria Aboukhlal is a Moroccan-Dutch football player. He plays for the Moroccan National Team and was named to the 2022 FIFA World Cup squad.

Aboukhlal was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 18 February 2000. His father is Libyan, and his mother is Moroccan. As a young boy, he grew up among the Moroccan community in the Netherlands.

At a very early age, Zakaria was playing for the Dutch youth team. Eventually, he joined the youth academy of PSV Eindhoven. However, after deciding not to play for the Dutch national team, he switched to the Morocco senior national men’s team.

He made his professional debut for Jong PSV in August 2018. After a brief stint at AZ Alkmaar in the Eredivisie, Aboukhlal signed a contract with Toulouse in June 2022.

He became a household name in the Moroccan soccer community, and was a popular figure on Instagram and Facebook. He currently has 2 million followers on Instagram.

Zakaria Aboukhlal networth

Zakaria Aboukhlal is a young football player of Moroccan descent. He was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 18 February 2000. His father is a Libyan and his mother is Moroccan.

Despite his young age, Zakaria Aboukhlal has already had experience playing for the Dutch national team at various stages. In fact, he played for the Netherlands at U17 and U18 levels.

Moreover, he was also called up to the Morocco national team. Besides, he has been a part of the country’s public team.

Currently, he plays for the Dutch side AZ Alkmaar in Eredivisie, which is one of the top two divisions of the Dutch League.

Having made 125 appearances for the club, he has earned more than $500,000 in his career.

Zakaria Aboukhlal plays the forward position. He has a muscular physique, with a height of 179 cm and weight of 74 kg. During his career, he has scored 34 goals for his club.

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