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YouTuber Randy Stair Shoot Our Three Employ And Also Shot Dead Himself


YouTuber who became obsessed with the Columbine shooting and believed he would become a cartoon character in the afterlife went on a mass killing rampage at a supermarket. On June 7th, 2017 Randy Stair (online pseudonym Andrew Blaze) shot three co-workers during his night shift at Weis Markets.

Terry Sterling, 63; Victoria Brong, 26; and Brian Hayes, 47 were tragically lost to gunshot wounds. The troubled 25-year-old had secured all emergency exits at the store, including locking the automatic doors at the entrance.

CCTV footage captures Randy Stair approaching fourth employee Kristan Newell unaware of the horror unfolding around her. For five seconds, Stair watched her back while Newell turned around to another aisle without realizing what was happening. As Stair began shooting at store merchandise and Newell made it to the staff room where she called police; however, by this time Randy Stair had made his way to deli aisle where he turned the shotgun on himself.

In the years before his tragic death, Stair had developed an obsession with Ember, a Nickelodeon cartoon character whom he would frequently post videos about and refer to as his ‘queen’. In his sinister uploads, he would discuss joining her in the afterlife and even speculate as to whether or not he’d become a cartoon character after leaving this world.

Tens Randy Stair of YouTube videos on his channel, now deleted, displayed his fascination with death and ways in which he would commit suicide. He revealed his desire to stage a mass shooting at his school, though it had been demolished several years prior.

Randy Stair discovered to have uploaded an animation video titled “The Westborough High School Massacre,” which depicted a school shooting similar to Columbine. Journal entries from grieving Stair revealed his admiration for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two shooters at Columbine High School.

Stair’s opening line in her journal entry pays homage to Eric Harris with the quote, “I hate the f*****g world,” which Harris famously wrote before carrying out his atrocities. Randy Stair employed the same type of shotgun used in the Columbine tragedy to kill three of his employees.

Ten of Stair’s close friends reportedly received an email in which he expressed his sorrow at not living up to his own expectations and predicted that by the time they read it ‘this he would be dead’. He expressed his delight at joining Ember in the afterlife. Following the attack, one of Stair’s online friends and YouTuber took to Twitter to express his shock: “In 2011, there was a fan who eventually became my friend.”

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