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Why you should use microcement in the bathroom


Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 10:28 pm

Are you looking for versatility and resistance in the materials of your bathroom? Microcement in bathrooms is a trend and may be exactly what you are looking for. It has become one of the favorite materials for interior designers all over the world. Its versatility in finishes, resistance, and high performance make it more than an interesting option for the bathroom. But if you’re still unsure, here are the reasons why you should use microcement in the bathroom.

But first, what is microcement?

microcement in the bathroom

Microcement is one of the most used materials in construction and a great trend in interior design thanks to its resistance and appearance, which fits with many styles of decoration. It is a material that is mainly composed of cement mixed with other materials such as fibers, resins, and polymers. This gives you the possibility to pigment it with any color and also any finish; from smooth to a certain texture, to a matte appearance, or to a shiny one.

So, why should you use microcement in your bathroom?

1. Versatility

Microcement allows you to use it anywhere in the bathroom: on the ceiling, on the floor, on the walls, in the bathtub, on the Polished Concrete Tables, and more. It should also be noted that the large number of colors and finishes available allows it to be used according to your taste without any decorative problems. Therefore, you will be able to give free rein to your creativity.

2. Easy to apply

Microcement is a material that has great adhesion to almost any surface. This allows it to be applied on the existing surface, thus reducing time and cost. Its thickness is just over two or three millimeters, so you should not worry about losing space.

3. Waterproof and highly resistant

Humidity and steam are constant in a bathroom. For this reason, it is important to bet on resistant materials. This is one of the factors that most contribute to the popularity of microcement in bathrooms: its impermeability. In addition to repelling moisture, it is also resistant to heat and UV rays, and even fire, boasting class-A fire resistance.

This resistance is also reflected in the long term since this is a material that is unlikely to spoil or break.

4. Non-slip

Another characteristic that makes it an ideal material for the bathroom is the fact that it is non-slip. Microcement is a material with anti-slip properties, which is achieved by a special formula or with a certain resin. It can be placed on the entire bathroom floor, or choose a non-slip shower tray. Both options improve safety.

5. Easy cleaning

Finally, a microcement has no joints, which makes it easier to clean as there is no accumulation of dirt. You’ll only need to use a cleaning cloth and a neutral cleaner for household use, and you’re done. Even the toughest stains like grease, disinfectants, or even blood come off easily without leaving a mark.

In summary

As you have seen, the potential of microcement is extraordinary. And all its advantages and characteristics have made interior designers, architects, and construction professionals fall in love with it. Knowing all this, are you going to dare to apply microcement in your bathroom?

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