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Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Can Complete in a Weekend

Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to update your bathroom. Your bathroom may be refreshed while still being budget-friendly with a few simple design ideas and methods.

Simple aesthetic updates allow you to refresh a bathroom on a short budget, whether you choose to add tiny indoor plants, alter the hardware on your vanity, or design a gallery wall that displays your style.

Prepare to take on one of the most often used rooms in your house by finding inspiration from our selection of inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas for an average bathroom size.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Simply Add Paint

What a fresh coat of paint can do to improve a bathroom is remarkable. Although mildew- and mold-proof primers and paint are a bit more expensive than standard formulations, you won’t need more than a gallon to cover an average-sized bathroom’s walls and ceiling. And the additional expense includes added security for restrooms that are prone to wetness. Any dirty surfaces, such as window trim, baseboard moulding, and scuffed cabinets, should be covered.

Finally, think about painting outdated fixtures. You can spruce up a medicine cabinet or refinish a cast-iron bathtub with the correct materials, however you should seek expert assistance for these tasks. To add seclusion to your windows, use spray paint that simulates frosted glass.

Update worn-out hardware

A bathroom has a lot of hardware, such as towel bars, sink faucets, cabinet knobs, and flush handles. Spend some of your budget on updating these things. The bath may dazzle like a showroom with new hardware. By replacing yellow polished brass with oil-rubbed bronze, classic brushed nickel, or matte brass, you may instantly update outmoded décor. By substituting builder-grade elements with those that have more weight, style, and personality, you may also improve the fixtures’ appearance, feel, and functionality. Similar to how jewelry can spice up an outfit, these accessories may transform a commonplace setting into something spectacular.

Use just white fixtures

Choose neutral fixtures and finishes in a bathroom renovation to reduce costs. Simple white fixtures like sinks, tubs, and toilets are widely available at low prices and are simple to live with. By selecting white tile for the floor, tub surround, and backsplash as well, you may save a tonne of money. However, this does not imply that the space must be monotonous. If you go with simple white field tiles, you could have more money to spend on a border like a glass mosaic. Choose inexpensive elements to add colour to the neutral background, such as vibrant towels, eye-catching window treatments, strong wall art, and new wall paint. 

Replace Lighting

Changing the lighting—both the lights themselves and the placement—is an underestimated approach to give your bathroom a lux feel. Furthermore, these replacements need not be costly. For a chic focal point, hang a little crystal-drop chandelier over the vanity. Or, for a quick upgrade, swap off the harsh bulb strips that surround a mirror with elegant sconces.

Add New Window Treatments or Rugs

Sometimes the simplest things have the largest effects. Use vibrant textiles and plush carpets to soften the sharp edges that are typical of bathrooms. Install a simple, no-sew window treatment in the bathroom. If you’re remodeling a bathroom with a shower or tub, consider a window covering that filters light for privacy and seek materials that withstand moisture. Alternately, choose a shower curtain and rug set with a variety of designs.

Use plants as ornaments

Sometimes a minor upgrade is all your bathroom needs. A quick and inexpensive method to spruce up a tiny room is to add houseplants and other greenery. Plants offer depth and colour to this industrious space, whether you place many succulents on your windowsill, a giant snake plant on the floor, or a vase of flowers on your vanity. Additionally, plants will enjoy your bathroom and bring the peaceful effects of nature inside.