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Monster Hunter World Affinity is One of Several Stats


Monster Hunter World Affinity: is like so many other things in the game, can be baffling due to its lack of explanation.

This is how it goes.

What effect does Affinity have on weapon damage?

Monster Hunter World Affinity

The probability of making a strong (positive Affinity) or weak (negative Affinity) hit with a weapon is called affinity.

It’s expressed as a percentage that ranges from -100 to +100 percent. Strong hits do 25% more damage, while weak hits deal 25% less.

It may appear that staying away from weapons with a negative Affinity is a wise choice.

It isn’t the case. Affinity is one of several stats that impact weapon damage, and a weapon with negative Affinity can cause more damage on average than one with positive Affinity, depending on the other stats.

Affinity has an impact on the average damage dealt each hit. It’s used to balance weapons so that weapons that do a lot of damage per hit aren’t completely outclassed by weapons that deal less damage per hit.

If you wish to figure out how Affinity influences a weapon’s damage, you must consider the weapon’s raw damage.

Here’s how to figure out how positive Affinity influences a weapon’s average damage per hit, taking into account that strong hits deal 25% more damage.

• Multiply by a factor of ten.

The Affinity value multiplied by 25 Multiply if a weapon has +10 percent Affinity, for example. .025, or 25 x.1.

• Add 1 to get 1.025 (1 +.025 = 1.025).

• Add the weapon’s raw damage to the total.

Assume you have a weapon that deals 200 raw damage and has a +10 percent Affinity. 200 multiplied by 1.025 equals 205.

With each hit, the weapon deals 205 damage on average. For weak hits only, the procedure remains the same.

Because you’re doing 25% less damage, 25 is multiplied by a negative Affinity value. For a weapon with 200 raw damage and a -10 percent Affinity, repeat the math.

• (-.1) x (.25) = -.025.

•.975 = 1 -.025

• 200 multiplied by.975 equals 195.

On average, the weapon deals 195 damage per hit.

Average damage per hit is calculated using the formula (Raw damage) x 1 + (.25 x Affinity), where Affinity can be positive or negative.

Pay attention to both raw damage and Affinity while deciding between weapons with differing Affinity stats.

On average, a weapon that deals 206 raw damage with 0% Affinity will do more damage than a weapon that does 200 raw damage with 10% Affinity (206 x 1 = 206).

A weapon that does 211 raw damage and has a -10 percent Affinity causes greater damage than a weapon that does 200 raw damage and has a 10% Affinity (211 x.975 = 205.725).

A minor increase in raw damage can totally compensate for a low Affinity stat.

Affinity abilities

As you move further into Monster Hunter World, you’ll start to put together weapon and armour combinations that suit your playstyle.

If you want to improve your Affinity rating for some of your favourite builds, look for skills on charms, armour, or armour decorations.

Skills-based affinity boosts are applied to whichever weapon you’re using.

Affinity can be increased by learning the following abilities.

• Sliding Affinity After sliding, Affinity increases by 30% for 15 seconds. There is only one level.

• Boost your attack power. For every level between 4 and 7, raises Attack Power by 5% while also increasing Affinity by 5%.

• Draw a critical decision. Increases draw attack affinity by 30% at level 1, 60% at level 2, and 100% at level 3.

• Critical Observation. Increases Affinity from 3% at level one to 30% at level seven.

• Take advantage of a flaw. Affinity for attacks that target a monster’s weak regions is increased by 15% at level 1, 30% at level 2, and 50% at level 3.

Experiment with Affinity to see if there are any weapon and armour combinations that will turn you into a death machine.

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