Why Vaping Is Becoming Widespread: Vaping has become more popular in recent times, with the United States and the United Kingdom seeing the biggest increases. New and various vaping outlets and brands are appearing every single day. You only need to take a stroll down the street to encounter a whiff of pleasant-smelling vapour from someone’s device.

Why Vaping Is Becoming Widespread

First appearing in the market almost a decade ago, they were perceived as an excellent remedy to give up smoking classic tobacco cigarettes. The gadgets do not have any tobacco nor the many carcinogenic chemicals that swamp tobacco cigarettes. Many people consider them a safer alternative. However, e-cigarettes aren’t entirely toxin-free. Also, the fact that the devices are new in the market means their long-term effects are yet to be determined or fully understood.

The younger generation is embracing electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes were initially produced as tobacco replacement products. But regardless of their original intention, we have witnessed a growth in the number of people using e-cigarettes over time. The National Youth Tobacco Survey 2018 even pinpointed a surge in youth e-cig usage. The survey noted 1.5 million more students were using electronic cigarettes compared to 2017. The FDA has enforced new strict regulations to curb the rise of vaping among the youth. The youth are easily misled, and if ignored, they could see vaping as harmless fun.

E-cigs can be an effective means to stop smoking tobacco

Electronic cigarettes are advertised as tobacco cessation tools. This claim is backed by over 80% of e-cig users, according to ‘globalwebindex.’

When compared to tobacco cigarettes, they are usually considered the safer option. Some argue that because e-cigs contain varying levels of nicotine, they are no better than tobacco cigarettes.

On top of this, e-cigs do not actually help you stop smoking. Most users claim it helped them quit smoking tobacco specifically, but they still vape even after that.

What are the core reasons for using e-cigs?

The most common reason is based on the belief vaping is a safer option for smokers. Another reason for using e-cigs is the numerous flavours offered. Just visit and have a look at the various high-quality e-liquids for sale. Flavors are more of a consideration for older users than young ones. The young are more focused on the sensation of inhalation. The majority of the youth are, however, picking up the habit as a result of peer influence. While others do it because it is regarded as trendy and cool.

Why does it matter?

The controversy around vaping has not gone unnoticed. JUUL has been a target for activists who claim that advertisements of e-cigarette brands are fuelling the issue. The company has been under siege previously for their inclusion of models and young people in their marketing campaigns.

Laws around e-cigarettes and other connected products will help control and increase the transparency of e-cigs. This should help curb usage among teens. Brands that make an effort to help solve the problem will also help in generating useful change. It is up to policymakers and brands to work in unison to bring change to the system.