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Why Does He Keep Coming Back?[7 Main Reasons]


Why does he keep coming back: You may be asking why he keeps returning if he doesn’t want a relationship. Is he enjoying repeating the hurt, or is he simply confused? You could question whether he is your soulmate, and that’s why he keeps returning. Read on to know the answers to your questions.

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What keeps him coming back?

Why Does He Keep Coming Back

You may be wondering why he continues coming back if he isn’t interested in having a romantic connection with you. Is it possible that he takes pleasure in causing more harm, or may he just be confused? You can start to wonder whether he is your true love and that is the reason why he continues coming back to you.

Here are 7 main reason why does he keeps coming back? Read to know why does he keep coming back.

He is unsure of what he wants from you

It is unclear to him what he hopes to achieve by being in this relationship with her. Even now, he hasn’t decided whether he wants you or not.

Therefore, he is just acting on his feelings and doing what he considers to be the best course of action at the present time, which is returning to you.

He is unprepared for anything serious

He’s not ready for a long-term relationship. A guy may not desire a meaningful relationship for a variety of reasons. It might be due to

  • He still has feelings for his ex, and he is afraid of being wounded again.
  • He’s trying to avoid being entangled.
  • He lacks the maturity to manage a relationship.
  • He recently ended a romance.

He does not contemplate a romantic connection with you

This is difficult to hear, but it is the reality. He likes you, sure, but not enough to commit to you or get into a relationship with you.

Certain signals indicate that he likes you but not enough to be in a relationship with you.

  • He barely ever has time for you. He schedules appointments with you but cancels at the last minute.
  • He keeps going and returning.
  • He is constantly changing his feelings. He does it so effortlessly; one minute he’s sending out happy feelings, the next he’s growing uninterested.
  • His words say one thing, but his deeds indicate another.

He is alone

He’s lonely, that’s why he keeps coming back. You make him feel better and are his greatest option for escaping the dark pit of loneliness, so he continues returning.

He is a playboy

He’s just toying with you; he doesn’t care what happens to you as long as he has fun. So he continues ghosting and returning for as much as he can get out of the relationship.

You make it simple

He is aware that you like him and will always welcome him back. He calls you one day and says he wants to speak with you for a while.

Simply, you say yes and allow him to visit. Because he is tranquil and finds it easy to be in your company, he continues returning.

He’s acting selfishly toward you

He recognizes how unique you are and does not want anybody else to have you. So he reappears just when you are about to get over him or just as someone fresh enters your life. He wants you for himself, but he is not ready to get into a relationship with you.

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