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Who Was Gerry Vaillancourt? Sports Radio Host Died


At 72 years old, Gerry Vaillancourt, Charlotte’s fast-talking radio host for sports in Charlotte since the 1980s, died Sunday. Kelly Vaillancourt, his daughter, announced his death.

Gerry Vaillancourt

Friday 17 January. Many people and loved ones have shared their love for him. His career was closely tied to the Charlotte Hornets, and he has a huge fan following all over the globe. They want to know what happened to him.

Kelly Vaillancourt, Gerry Vaillancourt’s daughter, said that her father died from a heart condition she knew about 25 years ago.

Kelly Siad said in Sunday interview that she never imagined that her father would live past 25 years after being diagnosed with the disease.

According to the book, he never did anything. You never knew what you were doing each day, but you knew it was always a great time.

His decades-long career in Charlotte’s media market began in late 1980s, when the Charlotte Hornets were founded.

Who was Gerry Vaillancourt, Founder of Gerry Vaillancourt’s?

Gerry Vaillancourt sports radio host dies

He was the Hornets’ television and radio broadcasts director from 1990 to 2002. He also hosted sports talk radio shows at other local stations.

When we think about Vaillancourt’s family, there is his daughter Kelly Vaillancourt D’Alton and Shannon Vaillancourt D’Alton. There are also two sisters and many grandchildren.

In 2017, he returned to hosting a radio show on ESPN730 in Charlotte after a decade. On social media, he announced that he would be leaving ESPN 730 after less than two years and radio after more than 30 years.

Jim Szoke, a long-time friend and colleague of WBT and Charlotte Hornets radio broadcasts, said that “At Charlotte Gerry’s start of sports talk in Charlotte Gerry was a reality: funny, entertaining and a basketball expert.

Hubie Brown was a frequent guest on my radio show and I enjoyed listening to their stories about hoops. In a Sunday statement, the Hornets said that they were sad to learn of Gerry Vaillancourt’s passing.

We will miss his analysis and send our condolences to his family, friends and coworkers.

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