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Who Is Ethan Loch? BBC Young Musician 2022 Keyboard Finalist


Ethan Loch, an 18 year-old Falkirk pianist, enters the championship round of BBC’s Young Musician competition. Jess Gillam, Alexis Ffrench described Ethan Loch’s performance as “spellbinding”.

Ethan Loch BBC Young Musician 2022 Keyboard Finalist

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Who is Ethan Loch?

Ethan Loch

Ethan Loch was born in Canada in 2004. Born with a congenital defect rendering him completely blind, Ethan Loch was raised in Canada up to the age of five.

He began taking piano lessons when he was four years old. He was just 18 months old when the instrument first became available to him.

Ethan used to spend hours playing the piano when he was a child, imitating Rowlf, the Muppet Show’s piano-playing dog. Ethan played non-stop the DVD “Horowitz In Vienna”, his second source of inspiration. His mother began him learning piano lessons at the age of 4.

However, he now studies with Fali Pavri (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). He enjoys writing original music and has been creating it since childhood.

Ethan performed his debut major concert at Music in Lanark and premiered “Wallace at Lanark”, a massive composition that portrays the life of William Wallace, a Scottish hero.

BBC Young Musician 2022 program

BBC Young Musician 2022 program

BBC Young Musician 2022 final: Blind pianist. Tomorrow’s grand final will be broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and BBC Four.

In an interview with BBC Scotland’s The Nine, Ethan stated that the competition was a “wonderful and friendly atmosphere”. He said, “I loved it. It was amazing because everyone could be heard clapping as they called me up and I got there

“I was so honored to be on that stage.” “Music has honestly been my world for my entire life, past, present, and future,” he remarked.

For my entire life past, present and future, music has honestly been my world. “My first exposure to the piano was when I was 18 months old. “I remember this moment, the clearest of my childhood, just literally reaching up. Ethan has been studying the piano since the age of four.

As soon as I went up there, I could just hear all those amazing overtones and all those amazing sounds.” Ethan said that he feels that music is “just another language” for him. He said: “One of my favorite things to do is improvise. “Whenever I’m improvising I always think about how I feel, and what I want to communicate to everyone. “It’s something you can’t really express in words, honestly.” “It’s an amazing experience when you’re out there on the stage.”

What are Ethan’s Achievements?

BBC Radio’s “Batman and Ethan”, a documentary about Ethan and the freedom that blind children can enjoy by studying with Daniel Kish, a gifted teacher of the blind.

Ethan received his first major foreign honour from the Vatican in 2016. He was honored for his ability to create music “full color” and inspire everyone with the Premio Asoluto award at the 15th International Giuseppe Sciacca awards in Rome.

Ethan won the Advanced class in 2017’s 7th James Waterhouse Loretto Piano Competition. As part of the reward, he performed at Steinway Hall in London.

Ethan took part in two Polish festivals of Chopin. He won the third and fourth divisions later.

Ethan was a top three finisher in 2018 EPTA Belgium International Piano Competition.

Ethan, who was 14 years old, earned his ATCL (Associate Trinity College London) in 2019, with a score 92/100.

Ethan was awarded the Moray Prize at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Scottish International Youth Piano Competition in July 2019.

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