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Who is David Renteria, Sonia and George Ramirez? 3 People Found Shot to Death

3 People Found Shot to Death
3 People Found Shot to Death

After three family members were shot to death at their home, the Ontario Police Department is looking into the homicide.

The deputies have formally identified two family members, and the inquiry has begun. The police are currently searching for a suspect connected to this terrible incident.

The assault happened on Monday night at the victim’s home close to Montclair, according to the authorities.

The victim has currently fled. Let’s now learn what transpired to the family and how it occurred to them. Continue reading to learn more about this.

Police have now identified the victim, and they are looking into the incident to see what truly transpired when it happened.

According to the sources, the victims of the case who were eventually identified as David Renteria, Sonia, and George Ramirez. The incident happened on Monday night in a residence in Southern California.

David Ramirez was 43 years old, George Ramirez was 66 years old, and Sonia Ramirez was 68 years old when they passed away.

The family members were all shot to death. No suspects have yet been located or taken into custody. Continue reading to learn more about this.

What Has Happened To My Home In Southern California?

Sources claim that an unnamed woman told the media that her parents and brother were among the victims.

On Monday night, January 30, 2023, three members of the same family were fatally shot in a Montclair residence, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The cops have yet to make any arrests.

The Ramirezes’ marriage was verified by the spokeswoman. She said that she was unaware of Renteria’s connection.

Since the incident’s news spread, many individuals have begun to honor the family who lost their lives. Police believe that the fatalities were not a murder-suicide.

Just after 9 o’clock at night, someone discovered them dead, and police were summoned to the 4800 block of Ramona Place in unincorporated county area.

Chris Sanchez, a neighbor who lives a few doors away, claimed to have seen deputies at the house in the past.

Furthermore, he stated that there are six persons living in the house.

The family members received heartfelt tributes and condolences from their neighbors and others.

It is difficult to comprehend that the entire family has left this world, leaving the remaining members in shock. Keep in touch with us to learn more information about this.

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