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Who Did Owen Cheat On Cristina With?



Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang were one of the most beloved couples on Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama series that follows surgeons at a fictional Seattle hospital. However, their relationship was not without challenges or conflicts, especially after Owen cheated on Cristina during season 8. Here we explore who Owen cheated with, why he did it, and its effects on their marriage.

The affair

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Owen had four affairs with Emily Kramer, a nurse at another hospital whom he met at a bar. Although Owen did not love Emily Kramer personally, it provided temporary comfort from the pain and anger caused by Cristina deciding to have an abortion without his knowledge and consent, betraying their marriage by not wanting children together; additionally he felt guilty for having survived a plane crash that killed some colleagues and friends he cared deeply for – assuaging some of his resentment through finding temporary relief through Emily Kramer arms.

The Confrontation

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Cristina became suspicious of Owen when he began avoiding her and giving vague answers about whereabouts, then hiring a private investigator to investigate him for possible infidelity, but found nothing concrete to indicate it. After questioning Owen himself about it all, he admitted he had indeed cheated on Cristina without disclosing who it was with. But then said he still loved Cristina dearly and wanted to work on their marriage relationship instead.

The Aftermath

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Cristina was taken aback when Owen revealed his secret and betrayed her trust, leaving her feeling humiliated and betrayed by someone she once cared about. As soon as the news hit, Cristina left their home, filed for divorce and decided to accept an employment offer in Zurich, Switzerland despite Owen trying to convince her otherwise. Although Owen attempted to persuade her to remain, Cristina refused and left without looking back – telling him they simply were no good for each other due to different desires in life so they couldn’t make each other happy enough. She left him behind and boarded a plane for Zurich where she would start fresh life ahead.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guiding To Your Questions

Q:Did Owen cheat on Cristina more than once?

A: He did cheat four times with the same woman.

Q:Has Cristina ever forgiven Owen for cheating on her?

A: She did not forgive him and divorced him before moving away to a different country.

Q:Did Owen and Cristina reunite?

A: No, they never did get back together again. Although they remained friends, each individual found different partners to enjoy life with.

Q:Who did Owen date after Cristina left

A: After Cristina left, Owen had several relationships, eventually marrying Amelia Shepherd who was also a surgeon at the hospital.

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