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Where To Watch Drag Den Episode 2: Know Release Date & Time


Where To Watch Drag Den Episode 2: Hello, we have exciting information for those who avid viewers of the shows. A highly anticipated show will be back for a second time.

Yes, we are talking about the popular television show Drag Den. The series is set to delight its viewers with the 2nd episode.

Drag Den is a Philippine reality television show. It is among the most popular series and viewers eagerly awaited the second episodes because they are sure that it will be more exciting.

We have more details regarding Drag Den episode 2 and we will provide it to readers in this post.

Where To Watch Drag Den Episode 2

We are all aware that everyone who loves Drag Den are incredibly thrilled for the upcoming episode. Its Drag Den episode two premiere date is very close.

The series sheds light on drag events which is implied by the name. Drag Den is a reality contest show. Amazon Prime Video is the creator and exclusive sponsor of the show. It is a wildly well-known show and viewers love this show.

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Drag Den Episode 2 Release Date and Time

The viewers are keen to learn about the specifics for Drag Den Episode 2. Therefore, the producers are ready for the second episode.

The fans have been waiting for the release date and now the wait is over as Drag Den Episode 2 is scheduled to release on December 15, 2022.

If we are talking about Episode 2’s title, Drag Trippin is the title of the second episode. It will air via Amazon Prime Video and every Thursday, new episodes are released.

Are you excited about this since there are only a couple of hours remain until the release date? This is the right website to learn more about the announcement as well as the entire article.

Drag Den is a very popular series, and this one has been a huge hit since the last episode. Because Episode 1 is fascinating and captivating. Drag Den was launched on December 8, 2022 via Amazon Prime Video. Manila Luzon acts as the host and head judge for the show.

The show was developed through Cornerstone Studio and Project 8 Projects. As we have stated, Drag Den episode 2 will release on the 15th of December 2022.

Fans can subscribe to the platform for only 8.99 dollars per month. Don’t miss Drag Den episode 2. Keep an eye on chopnews for more updates

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