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Know Where did Costa Titch grow up? (Latest Updates)



Titch was born in Nelspruit, South Africa’s east South African city and quickly rose to the top of the dance world there. But his true passion lay within making music and later performing it; “I realized my passion lay more within the artist than within the dance industry,” he stated during a 2020 promotional interview.

Titch, whose legal name was Constantinos Tsobanoglou, was on stage Saturday at Ultra South Africa in Johannesburg when he suddenly fell. Social media videos showed him briefly standing before collapsing a second time.

“Tragically,” the Tsobanoglou family wrote Sunday on Instagram. “Death has entered our home, taking away our beloved son, brother and grandson Constantinos Tsobanoglou – better known by his stage name of ‘Costa Titch.'”

The family did not disclose Titch’s official cause of death.

Titch recently inked a record deal with Senegalese-American artist and producer Akon, after his single “Big Flexa” achieved massive success across Africa. The song first gained notoriety on TikTok.

Ultra South Africa said, “Costa was an inspiring force within South Africa’s amapiano scene — an accomplished rapper, dancer, songwriter, collaborator and friend to the festival.” In a statement released by Ultra South Africa:

Titch was born in Nelspruit, South Africa’s east-coast city. As a dancer, she quickly made an impact on South Africa’s pop culture scene. But her true calling lay within creating music and performing it live.

“I realized my passion lay more within the artistry than within the dance industry,” he shared in a 2020 promotional interview. “It wasn’t always easy, especially when you’ve achieved so much in one field.”

Titch had trouble breaking into the mainstream music world, but his 2019 single “Nkalakatha” earned him recognition in South Africa after a series of, as he put it, “wack drops.” Collaboration, according to Titch, was what ultimately changed the course of his career.

“I believe a lot of artists are so focused on doing everything themselves,” he noted in 2020. “Their ego gets in the way and prevents them from realizing that with some assistance and more ears listening to their music and being involved in the creative process, they could really take their product to new heights.”

One of Titch’s many collaborators was South African rapper AKA, who tragically passed away last month from gunshot wounds.

“The Tsobanoglou family appreciates all of your love and support for our son,” Titch’s family said on Sunday.

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