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Whatever Happened To The Half-slip?


What happened to the smooth fabric, which was often often black or white and worn underneath skirts and dresses?

This was the question that I got recently from someone who is interested in vintage-style shapewear. The half-slip, like many fashion trends, is experiencing a revival.

Why they disappeared

Many women gave up wearing full slips in the 1960s and 70s as they became more comfortable with shorter hems.

They replaced them with half slips, camisoles and teddies that were easier to wear and less expensive.

The half-slip, as fashion historian Colleen Hill puts it, was a watershed moment that shifted the perception of the need for a slip.

The disappearance of half-slips may also be linked to the general belief that women no longer need and want undergarments.

This is because we have abandoned outdated notions such as the notion that women should not work in the kitchen and that they should wear white after Labor Day.

A half slip, whatever the reason, is back in fashion. Slips are now part of regular collections by brands like Jockey, Natori and Vanity Fair.

And, according to Vanity Fair marketing director Beverly Guyer, “slip sales are increasing in the South.” So don’t give up on your favorite undergarment just yet!

Why They’re Coming Back

Half slips are a piece of lingerie worn underneath skirts and dresses. They prevent fabric from sticking to legs and create a smooth layer between skirt and skin. You can find them in many different sizes.

Another purpose for wearing a slip is to keep sweat, body oils and other body bits from getting onto the fabric of a skirt or dress that may require dry-cleaning only. It also acts as a barrier against rough material, such as wool.

A half slip can be made in a variety of fabrics and colors, with or without lace at the bottom hem. These are an easy and cost-effective way to preserve delicate, dry-cleanable skirts or dresses and prolong their life span.

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