What to Look for in a Math Tutor for Your Child: As parents, you should be your child’s first teacher. Most often than not, when subject teachers call you for parent-teacher conferences, this means that your child is falling behind that subject. And the most common among them is mathematics.

What to Look for in a Math Tutor for Your Child

It is therefore vital to help your child understand challenging mathematical concepts to catch up to current lessons. You may help your child with the math work, but if you find the concepts to be beyond your knowledge, it is best to get maths tutoring for your child. However, before you hire a math tutor, you should do a little research first. Here are some tips on how to hire the right math tutor for your child.

Mastery in Mathematics

You should not just hire anybody to tutor your child in math. It is best to hire a tutor that has proficiency in mathematics. Mastery in mathematics does not necessarily mean that the tutor should have a post-graduate degree in math. Choose a tutor that is proficient in mathematics subjects. You can quickly check this by asking your tutor for credentials that will prove mathematical prowess. You could ask to see previous grades in mathematics or check to see if the tutor’s degree is math-related or has a lot of math subjects. For added assurance, you can hire tutors from credible maths tutoring websites that would match a tutor with the needs of your child.

No Conflict in Schedule

Even if you are going to get a tutor for your child, you should still allow your child some time fun time. Create a schedule that will allow your child to have time for fun after school before the tutoring schedule. It is therefore essential that the tutor that you will hire will be the one to adjust to your child’s schedule and not the other way around.

Choose Mode of Tutoring

Because of the advancement in ICT, tutoring can now be down via online through different applications. However, choosing an online mode of maths tutoring will depend if your child is mature and responsible enough for online instructions. If not, face-to-face tutoring is still the best option.


The tutor that you will hire must have a relevant educational background that has math-intensive subjects. A credible tutor must know basic and advanced mathematics concepts and must be able to find ways to teach these concepts based on your child’s unique learning style. A credible tutor must all be well-versed with math concepts and should be able to communicate them well with your child using non-threatening and warm manners.

Check for References

Whether you are hiring a private individual or a tutor assigned by an online service, it is best to ask for references on the tutor’s previous students. You can also get help from your child’s teacher or guidance counselor for recommendations on where to find the right tutor.

When hiring for a math tutor, remember that the more qualified the tutor is, the higher will be the tutorial rate. Consider what type of tutor your child needs and remember that the amount that you will pay for maths tutoring will help your child be successful in the future.


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