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What is Unclaimed Money & How To Claimed It?


In Florida, how do you go about claiming your unclaimed funds: After you’ve located your unclaimed money in Florida, you’ll need to fill out a claim form. Each claim form specifies the documents you must provide.

A copy of your current identity with your current mailing address, as well as evidence proving account ownership, will be included in this documentation.  c

Once you’ve finished, mail the completed claim form together with any supporting paperwork to the address listed on the form.

After submitting a completed claim, the Department has 90 days to determine whether you are entitled to the unclaimed property.

A driver’s license or other government-issued identification may be required to establish your identity.

If your current mailing address differs from the one on your ID, you may need to produce additional documents, such as a current energy bill, to confirm it.

If you are claiming property on behalf of a decedent, you must produce a certified death certificate for the owner, as well as identification and signed claim forms for all of the owner’s heirs, in addition to proof of ownership.

How can I keep my property from going missing or going unclaimed?

The greatest method to ensure that you have constant access to your property is to prevent it from getting lost and unclaimed in the first place.

Keep track of all monetary transactions that may result in unclaimed property, such as bank accounts, utility accounts, and security deposits for rental properties.

The name of the company or institution, account numbers, when deposits are scheduled to be returned to you, and any other identifying information should be included in these documents.

If you have property in a safe deposit box, include information about the bank, such as the physical address, the box number, and a spare key for the safe deposit box.

Other ways to avoid losing property include cashing all negotiable instruments as soon as they arrive, updating all financial institutions with any changing addresses, and signing up for electronic account notifications as soon as they become available.

How can I ensure that my heirs are aware of my assets if I die?

A will tells your executors how you want your property dispersed after you die, but it doesn’t tell them where to look for your money.

Furthermore, life insurance policies are not handled through the probate process. Make sure that someone, generally your executor or administrator, has access to your financial information, including passwords, so that your heirs can discover your assets after you die.

In Florida, where can you look for unclaimed funds?

The Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Unclaimed Property maintains a website at https://www.fltreasurehunt.org that allows you to search for unclaimed property in the state of Florida.

Is there any effort made by the state of Florida to track out the legitimate owners of money or property?

Yes. When the state receives unclaimed property, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, delivers letters to the original property owners.

Florida also maintains a website dedicated to unclaimed property, known as the Florida Treasure Hunt.

You may potentially receive notification from a third party that you have unclaimed property in the state.

In Florida, licensed private investigators, CPAs, and attorneys can register with the office as claimant’s representatives, giving them access to state data and allowing them to contact account owners or heirs to offer to help recover the property for a fee.

If you’ve been contacted by one of these companies, keep in mind that you can file an unclaimed property claim without paying a charge.


The Treasure Hunt website in Florida is where you can look for unclaimed money in the state.

However, don’t forget to look into unclaimed money in other states as well. In addition, if you’re seeking for unclaimed money outside of your local area, try the national databases and websites mentioned in the article. Best of luck and have fun hunting!